Most Popular Fashion Magazines

17 September 2014

Most Popular Fashion Magazines | Top 10

We dive once again into the fabulous world of fashion and we’ll browse today through the most popular fashion magazines in the world!

Let’s be honest now, a fashion magazine is a woman’s bible! A true fashionista that respects herself will always be spotted down the street carrying a fashion magazine under her arm or in her bag. And if she doesn’t, then I guarantee you that she has an entire collection home.

A woman has to be up to date with the latest fashion and beauty trends and to follow only the advice of experts. And from where else could we possibly get all of that if not from the top fashion magazines?

It’s time to see where you can find the best tips and tricks!


Meet the beauty queen, Allure!

The fashion and beauty magazine Allure was founder in 1991 in New York City by Linda Wells, who until this day is still the editor in chief.

Every month, Allure reveals to its readers beauty and fashion tricks from celebrities and experts. You can find there reviews of the latest products, the best styles that suit you and some secrets regarding women’s health.

Allure is most famous for two things. Firstly, there’s the well known annual Best of Beauty awards when the magazine staff reveal the best beauty products from the current year. Secondly, Allure was the first magazine that wrote about the health risks related to silicon!

most popular fashion magazines
most popular fashion magazines
most popular fashion magazines
most popular fashion magazines
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