10 Most Popular Movie Awards in the World

5 September 2015

10 Most Popular Movie Awards in the World

We all love movies, and ever since forever we have been looking for ways to award the best of them. And so, people came up with awards for movies, and these are the most popular awards in the world!

What’s better than watching a show that rewards your favorite films? These are the most famous movie awards people have ever created.

And because the film industry is growing, so are the awards for them.

There are awards distributed by critics, the festival and industry professionals as well as the general public.

Because of their longevity, media appeal or fan appreciation, some of these awards are considered much more important than other.

Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

N10. Golden Lion – Venice Film Festival

This film festival has been around since 1932, and it is the first major film festival in the world. It is appreciated mostly because of its large diversity among the chosen titles.

The Venice Film Festival has everything, from Asian, European to American films, bearing the same chances of winning awards.

It was introduced in 1949 as the Golden Lion of St. Mark, a symbol of Venice. It is also one of the most distinguished awards in the film industry.

They also award an honorary version of the prize for the persons that made important contributions to the film industry.

10 Most Popular Movie Awards in the World
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