Most Popular Plastic Surgeons at Hollywood

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Most Popular Plastic Surgeons at Hollywood | Top 10

We’ve already seen which are the Best Plastic Surgeons in the World, but now it’s time to see which are the most popular plastic surgeons at Hollywood among the celebrities!

As little kids, we’re trained by the society to dream of a perfect face and body that seems like its made of porcelain.

I’m not saying is the smartest thing, but that’s the beauty standard the media promotes worldwide, so we have to accept it whether we like it or not.

But behind those flawless faces, there are some people that studied really hard to learn how to create them. These are the people that made the celebrities what they are today!

Let’s see who are these genius doctors!

10.Dr. Marc Mani

Meet Dr. Marc Mani, a specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

He graduated from Harvard University, got his degree in plastic surgery from Baylor College of Medicine and now he’s been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Marc Mani is also an active member of various organizations, such as American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Los Angeles Society of Plastic Surgeons, American Medical Association and American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

But what impressed me mos about this man was the fact that he takes special care of the victims of burns and trauma by providing free reconstructive surgery procedures for them!

10. Dr. Marc Mani | Most Popular Plastic Surgeons at Hollywood | Image Source:
10. Dr. Marc Mani | Most Popular Plastic Surgeons at Hollywood | Image Source:
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