10 Most Powerful Passports in the World

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10 Most Powerful Passports in the World

Welcome to the list of the 10 most powerful passports in the world. The list should give you an idea of what is like being a free citizen, at least when it comes to traveling with the passports.

But what’s a passport? A passport is a legal document issued by a government to validate one’s identity. That card allows its owner to travel to other countries under the protection of its government.

The passport is our way to travel in all the places we have dreamed of. That’s what a powerful passport is.

Usually, those passports are ranked based on the number of countries one is allowed to visit Visa-free, or on the minimum number of work hours required to acquire one, on the passport cots, or on the duration of time the document is valid for.

Either way, a powerful passport is something every traveler dreams to have.

Because while we live in a world full of computers and with a lot of choices, the 3×5 inch paper booklet document still carries a lot of weight.

A research conducted by the transportation search and comparison site GoEuro resulted in the list of the 10 most powerful passports in the world.

10. Liechtenstein – can visit 159 countries

This country is a doubly landlocked German-speaking microstate in Central Europe. Bordered by Switzerland to the west and south and Austria to the east and north, Liechtenstein is a constitutional monarchy with the rank of principality, ruled by the Prince of Liechtenstein.

With over 160 square kilometers, and an estimated population of 35,000, the country has the highest gross domestic product per person in the world.

Plus is the second richest country in the world, after Qatar, and has one of the lowest unemployment rates.

With all that data, is no surprise that the country has one of the most powerful passports in the world. With a Liechtenstein passport you can enter 159 countries without a visa.

10 Most Powerful Passports in the World
10 Most Powerful Passports in the World
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