Most Powerful People In 2015 According to Forbes

27 April 2015

Most Powerful People In 2015

Have you seen the most powerful people in 2015? Check this out!

How do you define a powerful person? What do you understand when you hear “powerful people”?

The term came from former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who likened being powerful to ‘being a lady’.

Power comes in many forms, and ‘if you have to tell people who you are, you aren’t truly powerful’.

That sentence and Margaret Thatcher’s speech has been written about, analyzed, and dissected for millennia.

But the most popular definition breaks power into three different kids. Developed by a former U.S. State Department adviser, Joseph Nye, the power definition was contested by many.

These people listed here, are the kind of people that don’t need to introduce themselves when meeting new people.

We have listed ten of the most powerful people in 2015. I say let’s begin with the top!

 10. David Cameron

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom had an interesting year in 2014. He is the guy who almost lost Scotland in a referendum vote on independence in September.

Cameron urged the British Parliament to approve airstrikes against what he described the “psychopathic terrorists,” of ISIS.

He risked a falling out with China by publicly backing the pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.

The entire story of how Cameron got this powerful is on his Twitter account. With almost a million followers and several selfies, the leader of British has still more power than the absolute monarch.

Most Powerful People In 2015 According to Forbes
10. David Cameron | Most Powerful People In 2015 According to Forbes |via: wikipedia|
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