Most Strangest Buildings in the World

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Most Strangest Buildings in the World

Most strangest buildings in the world? The world is full of them. This article is a delight for designers and architectures.


Buildings come in different sizes and shapes, but don’t you find unusual buildings more attractive than the regular ones? Which are the strangest buildings you’ve ever seen? Take a look at our top list of the most strangest buildings in the world and let us know if the ones you saw are more unusual than ours.

Let’s get started, shall we?


#10 Habitat 67, Montreal, Canada

Designed by the architect Moshe Safdie, Habitat 67 is a house complex located at 2600 Avenue Pierre-Dupuy on the Marc-Drouin Quay, next to the Saint Lawrence River. It is an architectural landmark. 354 identical concrete forms are arranged in various combinations. Together they create 146 residences.

Most Strangest Buildings in the World

#9 Upside Down House, Szymbark, Poland

Designed by Danmar, this wooden upside down house the one of the most popular attraction in Poland. The strange angles can make you dizzy and difficult to find your balance.

Most Strangest Buildings in the World

#8 Longaberger basket building, Nework, USA

The Longaberger Company is an American manufacturer of baskets. This building makes me wanna go for a picnic. Inside there’s a glass ceiling which allows you to see the basket handles that come together. Also, the interior is part propaganda machine, with products, paintings of the founding family, magazines, and part office building.

Most Strangest Buildings in the World

#7 Polais Bulles, Cannes, France

Designed by the architect Antti Lovag, the iconic Palais Bulles is located just outside of Cannes. The house was built in 1989 and offers panoramic views of the bay of Cannes and Esterel. It is 1.200 square meters and it features 28 round rooms which look like soap bubbles and 10 of them are suites. The gardens and pools spread over 8.500 square meters.

Most Strangest Buildings in the World

#6 WonderWorks, Pigeon Forge, USA

WonderWorks is an entertainment center. It’s focused on science exhibits and has 5 locations in the USA. Designed by the architect Terry Nicholson, the building looks like it was dropped from the sky after a tornado.

Most Strangest Buildings in the World

#5 The Neverwas Haul, California, USA

Built in 2006 by Shannon O’Hare and a team of 12 men, the 3-storey Victorian House on wheels Neverwas Haul is made from 755 recycled materials.

Most Strangest Buildings in the World

#4 Nautilus House, Mexico City, Mexico

Designed by the architect Javier Senosiain, the Nautilus house has an unique shell shape. The house features a colorful stained glass, and the rest is what architectures call ‘bio-architecture’.

Most Strangest Buildings in the World

#3 House Attack, Viena, Austria

The installation was designed in 2006 by the artist Erwin Wurm and Museum Moderner Kunst (MUMOK) and it’s situated on the external side of the MUMOK. The house features a red roof, TV antenna and window frames.Brilliant idea, don’t you think?

Most Strangest Buildings in the World

#2 Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Museum, Ontario, Canada

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! was founded by Robert LeRoy Ripley and features a large collection (20.000 artifacts, 130.000 cartoon panels and 20.000 photographs).

Most Strangest Buildings in the World

#1 Dancing House, Prague, Czech Republic

Also known as Fred and Ginger, the Dancing House was designed by the architect Vlado Milunic in cooperation with the architect Frank Gehry. It was designed in 1992 and completed four years later. The style is deconstructivist or ‘new-baroque’ for the designers. You can see a ‘dancing’ shape which is supported by 99 concrete panels, each panel having a different size and shape. On the top of the Dancing House is a large structure of metal called Medusa. You can figure it out why.

Most Strangest Buildings in the World

So what do you think about the most strangest buildings in the world? Let us know in the comments below.

We hope you liked our article and stay tuned for more!

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