7 Most Unusual Homes In The World

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Most Unusual Homes In The World

Wondering which are the most unusual homes in the world ? Let’s take a look :

What about moving into a new house, but not any kind of house, a one that you would never thought it would look like this.

Moving into a new home is definitely one of the most exciting things, especially for those who never find enough ideas to decorate their house.

Through history, houses have evolved from caves to lodges, from castles to mansions. And nowadays it seems like you can find an example of anything.

Some people are forced to get creative because of restrictions – like small or unusual space – while others do so just because.

1. Transparent House, Japan

Are you sure you have nothing to hide?

Than, you should spent some nights here which is located in Tokyo, Japan.

It is built by Sou Fujimoto Architects and it has 914 square-foot. Inspired by tree houses, Japanese Architect built a house that is not upside-down, it is transparent.

Most Unusual Homes In The World Transparent-Glass-Walls-House-Tokyo-Japan fully-transparent-house-tokyo-japan-sou-fujimoto-architects-Most Unusual Homes In The World

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