10 Most Unusual Hotels in the World

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10 Most Unusual Hotels in the World

Interested in the wackiest things? Prepare to be amazed by the most unusual hotels in the world!

When it comes to our holiday trip, we like if not the most luxurious, but some of the best destinations, with a bit of weirdness.

And especially when it comes to choose the hotel. Some of these hotels we’re about to present are quite luxurious in a strange way.

And some of them are…something you didn’t expect. Like, how would you feel sleeping 155 meters underground?

10Costa Verde, Quepos, Costa Rica

We begin our top 10 list of the most unusual hotels in the world with Costa Verde Resort, where a night can cost up to $452.
This lovely airplane hotel is located at the edge of the Manuel Antonio National Park.

Costa Verde is actually a 1965 vintage Boeing 727, furnished and hand carved, which transported in its former life globetrotters on South Africa Air and Avianca Airlines.

Now, it had been turned into a cool hotel perched on the edge of the forest.  It features 2 bedroom suites with a balcony, a bathroom and a kitchen.

Most Unusual Hotels in the World | Costa Verde Resort
Costa Verde Resort via travelettes.net
Most Unusual Hotels in the World | Costa Verde Resort
Costa Verde Resort via upscalelivingmag.com
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