Most Valuable Car Brands in the World

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Most Valuable Car Brands in the World | TOP 10

Do you know which ones are the most valuable car brands in the world?

You’ve seen the most expensive cars in the world, but have you ever stopped and wondered which ones are the most expensive car brands in the world?

Well, we have. So we put together a list with some of the best car brands existing today just for you!

These car brands made billions designing awesome cars that everyone would like to own.

Let’s see how much exactly they made and which brand is the most valuable car brand ever.

N0 10 Renault – $9.01 Billion

Slogan: “Drive the Change”

This French manufacturer first opened its gates back in 1899. Since then they used us with a variety of cars and vans and in the past they used to make trucks, tractors, tanks, buses/coaches and autorial vehicles.

Their target is the European market for which they primarily produce cars for. But they have expanded into other countries across the world such as Middle East and Asia.

Renault has a joint alliance with Nissan set up and own 43.4% of the Japanese manufacturer.

2011 was a good year for them, the year they were the third biggest European automaker by production, behind Volkswagen Group and PSA.

Also in 2011 they were named the ninth biggest automaker in the world by production.

Then in 2013, the company sold around 2.6 million vehicles to customers around the world. It’s pretty badass for a company whose brand is valued at $9.01 billion.

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Most Valuable Car Brands in the World  N0 10 Renault – $9.01 Billion
Most Valuable Car Brands in the World N0 10 Renault – $9.01 Billion | via dieselstation |
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