Adam Horovitz Net Worth in 2021

How much is Adam Horovitz Worth?

$90 million

Actor, Musician, Producer, Rapper

United States

October 31, 1966



Adam Horovitz Net Worth $90 million

Adam Horovitz salary $1,000,000

Adam Horovitz Net Worth: How rich is Adam Horovitz? & How much money is Adam Horovitz worth? Time to find out!

Adam Horovitz is an American musician, guitarist, rapper, producer, and actor and his current net worth is $90 million.

Born and raised in Park Avenue, Manhattan, New York, as the son of Doris and playwright Israel Horovitz, he is also famous as Ad-Rock or King Ad-Rock.

Married to musician and feminist activist Kathleen Hanna, he is also the member of the hip hop group the Beastie Boys.

The American musician has a sister in film production named Rachael Horovitz. He is of Jewish and Irish descent.

He started his music career with a stint in the punk rock band called the Young and the Useless. The band would often perform with the Beastie Boys.

In 1982, at 16 years old, he joined the Beastie Boys after John Berry the band’s guitarist quit.

The band changed their sound after he joined, evolving from hardcore punk to a more hip-hop oriented group.

In 1986 the band signed a record deal with Def Jam and released their debut album Licensed to III the same year.

Spawning six hit singles, the album became a huge commercial success. Thanks to the success of their first album, other seven followed.

By 2010 the band had sold 22 million records in the United States alone, and 40 million worldwide.

Apart from his work with the band, he also does remixes of numerous tracks for other artists under the alias 41 Small Stars.

He also plays bass in The Tender Moments, the backing band of Bridget Everett.

Apart from his career in music, he has also starred in several motion pictures and television shows.

Some of those films and television shows are Lost Angels, Roadside Prophets, Godspeed, and While We’re Young.

Featured prominently in The Punk Singer, a 2013 documentary film about Hanna’s life and career, he even shot a scene himself.

In that scene he wanted to show Hanna’s distressed reaction to the medication she takes against Lyme disease.

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