Bill Cosby Net Worth in 2020

How much is Bill Cosby Worth?

$400 million

Actor, Author, Comedian, Singer

United States

July 12, 1937



Bill Cosby Net Worth $400 million

Bill Cosby salary $10,000,000

Bill Cosby Net Worth: How rich is Bill Cosby? & How much money is Bill Cosby worth? Time to find out!

Bill Cosby is an American stand-up comedian, actor, author, and singer and his current net worth is $400 million.

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Cosby is one of four sons of Anna Pearl, a maid, and William Henry Cosby Sr., who served as a mess steward in the navy.

Growing up, his father was almost never home, because of his job in the U.S. armed forces he used to spend several years in the theater of war in WWII.

As a student, he acted like the captain of both the baseball team and the track and field team at Mary Channing Wister Public School, as well as the class president and class clown.

In high school, young Cosby became acting in plays as well as continuing his devotion to play all kinds of sports.

While in high school he used to play football, basketball, baseball and ran track, as well as working before and after school, selling produce, shining shoes, and all kinds of jobs like that, to help out his family.

After failing the tenth grade at Germantown High School, he got a job as an apprentice at a shoe repair shop, a job he actually liked, but couldn’t see himself doing it the rest of his life.

A few years later he enlisted in the Navy serving at the Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia, Naval Station Argentia, and Newfoundland and at the Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland.

During his time in the Navy, he served as a Hospital Corpsman working in physical therapy with Navy and Marine Corps personnel injured during the Korean War.

As he went throughout his undergraduate studies, he continued to develop his talent for humor, joking with fellow colleagues in the services and then with college friends.

He became aware of his talent while bartending at a Philadelphia club, a job he got to earn some extra cash. There he used his humor to increase his tips, and eventually took his talent on the stage.

Cosby started doing stand-up comedy in San Francisco, after which a starring role in the 1960s TV show, I Spy, followed.

He acted as a regular on the children’s TV series The Electric Company during the first two seasons of the show.

In the 1970s he starred in a number of films, and he occasionally returned to film later in his career.

His dissertation discussed the use of Fat Albert, a character he created at the beginning of his stand-up comedy career, and the Cosby Kids, a TV show he had when he started his career, as a teaching tool in elementary schools.

In the 1980s he produced and starred in a television sitcom titled The Cosby Show, which run from 1984 to 1992. The show was rated as the #1 show in America for five years.

Later in his career, after people began to know his name, he has been the subject of sexual assault allegations. Cosby has been accused by 51 women of rape, drug facilitated sexual assault, sexual battery, child sexual abuse, and sexual misconduct.

He has denied the allegations, but is scheduled to go to trial on or before June 2017.

In 1964 he married Camille Olivia Hanks, with whom he has five children.

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