Carlos Slim Net Worth

How much is Carlos Slim Worth?

Carlos Slim Net Worth $67.9 billion

Carlos Slim salary $17,900,000,000

Carlos Slim Net Worth: How rich is Carlos Slim? & How much money is Carlos Slim worth? Time to find out!

Carlos Slim is a Mexican business magnate, investor, and philanthropist and his current net worth is $67.9 billion.

Born in Mexico City, to Julián Slim Haddad and Linda Helú Atta, both from Lebanon, he always wanted to become a businessman.

He started develop his business and investment acumen from a young age.

His father, Julian taught him finance, management and accounting as well as teaching him how to read financial statements.

From his father he learned the importance of keeping accurate financial records, something he still does.

At 11 years old he invested in a government savings bond from which he learned about the concept of compound interest.

He started saving every financial and business transaction he made into a personal notebook, which he keeps to this day.

By buying shares in a Mexican bank, he made his first stock purchase at the age of 12.

Three years later his investment paid off and he became a shareholder in Mexico’s largest bank.

At the age of 17, he went to work for his father’s company and earned 200 pesos a week.

He attended National Autonomous University of Mexico to study civil engineering. There he also concurrently taught algebra and linear programming.

Although he had a degree in civil engineering, he showed a particular interest in economics.

Once he finished his engineering degree he went to Chile to take lessons in economics.

Upon graduation as a civil engineer, he started his career as a stock trader in Mexico. Often, he used to work 14-hour shifts.

His profits from private investments reached $400,000, allowing him to begin the stock brokerage Inversora Bursátil.

Furthermore, he also started building the base for Grupo Carso. In 1966, the company he bought in 1965 had a worth of around $40 million.

He founded Inmobiliaria Carso, with the main focus of his companies being soft drinks, printing, real estate, bottling and mining industries.

Slim expanded his numerous businesses into several industries like auto parts, airlines, chemicals, among others.

By 1972, he has acquired or started seven more businesses in those categories, including one which rented construction equipment.

He became the richest person in the world, from 2010 to 2013, from his extensive holdings in a considerable number of companies through Grupo Carso.

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