Cher Net Worth in 2022

How much is Cher Worth?

$350 million

Actor, Singer

United States

May 20, 1946

Armenian, English, German


Cher Net Worth $350 million

Cher salary $25,000,000

Cher Net Worth: How rich is Cher? & How much money is Cher worth? Time to find out!

Cher is an American singer and actress and her current net worth is $350 million.

Born in El Centro, California as Cherilyn Sarkisian, to her father John Sarkisian, an Armenian-American truck driver, and her mother, Georgia Holt, an occasional model, Cher grew up to be one of the most appreciated artists of all time.

Her parents divorced when she was ten months old, because her father was rarely home and because he had a gambling problem.

Her mother remarried actor John Southall, with whom she gave birth to Cher’s stepsister, Georganne Southall.

While living in Los Angeles, and while working as a waitress, her mother changed her named into Georgia Hold and started acting with minor roles in films and on television.

When she would get a part in a film or television, she would secure roles for her daughters as well, as extras, in shows like The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.

Soon after, when Cher was nine years old, her mother relationship with Southall ended, but she still considers him her father.

She was living in a poor family, they rarely had money, and she used to hold her shoes together using rubber bands. The situation was so bad that her mother had to leave Cher at an orphanage for some weeks. She kept vising every day, but the experience was traumatic for both of them.

She produced a performance of the musical Oklahoma! for her teacher and class, while she was in fifth grade.

Cher had developed an unusually low voice by the age of nine, and was fascinated about films; her role model was Audrey Hepburn, due to her part in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Disappointed by the absence of dark-haired actresses in Hollywood with whom she could relate, she wanted to be a super star as well, but felt unattractive and untalented back then.

In 1961, after her mother married bank managed Gilbert LaPiere, who adopted Cher and Georganne, enrolled them at Montclair College Preparatory School, which was a private school in Encino.

She wasn’t the brightest student, but was intelligent and creative, and often earned high grades, excelling in French and English classes.

People began to know about Cher thanks to her unique, unconventional behavior. She used to perform songs for students during the breaks, and surprised everyone when she wrote a midriff-baring top.

Today she is known as the Goddess of Pop, as she is referred to, and is often described as embodying female autonomy in a male-dominated industry.

People know her for her distinctive contralto singing voice, with her gaining popularity as one-half folk rock husband-wife duo Sonny & Cher. It happened after their song “I Got You Babe” reached number one on the American and British charts.

After that she started her solo career and released in 1966 her first million-seller song “Bang Bang”.

In the ‘70s, she gained popularity as a television personality thanks to her shows The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour.

She also became a trendsetter thanks to her unique and elaborate outfits she wore on her television shows.

Cher also became a famous solo artist who had a lot of songs in Billboard Hot 100.

A few years later, after she divorced from Sonny, starred in the play Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean, making her grand Broadway debut. She also starred in the film adaptation of the same title.

After the success of her Broadway show, she kept getting parts in films, for which she even won several awards including the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Moonstruck (1987).

After seven years of absence, she returned to film in the 2010 musical Burlesque. Cher’s first studio album in 12 years, Closer to the Truth (2013), became her highest-charting solo album in the U.S. to date at number three.

Today, she is one of the best-selling music artists in the music industry and is no surprise when you see her net worth.

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