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How much is Sir Elton John Worth? Sir Elton John Net Worth in 2022

$550 million
Sir Elton John Net Worth
$50,000,000 / year
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Sir Elton John Net Worth: How rich is Elton John? & How much money is Elton John worth? Time to find out!

Elton John is an English singer, pianist, and composer and his current net worth is $550 million.

Born Reginald Kenneth Dwight in Pinner, Middlesex, as the oldest child of Stanley Dwight and only child of Sheila Eileen, Elton went to Pinner Wood Junior School, Reddiford School and Pinner County Grammar School.

Until the age of 17, when he dropped out, right before its final exams and before graduation to pursue a career in the music industry.

When he was getting serious about this singing career, his father, who served as a flight lieutenant in the Royal Air Force, tried to change his mind and wanted him to follow a more conventional career, such as baking.

One of the reasons for John’s wild stage costumes and performances was his way of letting go after such a strict childhood.

But the thing is, both his parents were musically inclined, so he it came natural for him to pursue such career.

When he was only three years old, he started playing the piano, and within a year his mother heard him picking out Winifred Atwell’s “The Skater’s Waltz” by ear.

At the age of 17 he started taking real piano lessons after spending most of his time performing at parties and family gatherings.

For the next years he went to college at the Academy in central London and got more serious about his career, with some of his teachers saying that he was a “model student”.

After their parents got divorced, his mother married a local painter named Fred Farebrother, who was a carrying and supportive father whom John referred to as “Derf”.

The new family moved into an eight-unit apartment building called Frome Court, not far from both his previous homes. It was there where he started writing the songs that made him become a rock star.

With the help of his stepfather and mother, he became a weekend pianist at a nearby pub, and became known as “Reggie”. He often played a range of popular standards, including songs by Ray Charles and Jim Reeves, as well as original songs, written by him.

By being part of a band that he and his friends formed, Bluesology, John’s popularity will increase with the years passing.

In 1966, the band became musician Long John Baldry’s supporting band, and played 16 times at the Marquee Club.

A year later, by answering an advertisement in the British magazine New Musical Express, John met Ray Williams, who gave him a bunch of lyrics written by Bernie Taupin, who had answered the same ad.

Elton, wrote a marvelous music for the lyrics, and then mailed it to Taupin, and from there all is history. Today, the same partnership is still in place.

When the two first met in 1967 they recorded what would become the first Elton John/Bernie Taupin song: “Scarecrow”.

Six months later Dwight was going by the name “Elton John” in homage to two members of Bluesology: saxophonist Elton Dean and vocalist Long John Baldry.

Bernie Taupin remained his songwriting partner since then with them collaborating on more than 30 albums to date.

Throughout his career, Elton John has sold more than 300 million records, which made him one of the best-selling music artists in the world.

For his talent and music career he has also received five Grammy Awards, five Brits Awards, an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and many more.

In 1996 he was made a Knight Bachelor by Elizabeth II for “services to music and charitable services”.

John has announced he was bisexual in 1976 and has been openly gay since 1988.

He has entered into a civil partnership with David Furnish in 2005, and after the same-sex marriage became legal in England, and Wales, they two of them married in 2014.

From the start he was, and continues to be a champion for LGBT social movements worldwide.

The couple has two sons, and ten godchildren, including Sean Lennon, David and Victoria Beckham’s sons Brooklyn and Romeo, Elizabeth Hurley’s son Damian and the daughter of Seymour Stein.

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