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Fine Brothers

How much is Fine Brothers Worth? Fine Brothers Net Worth in 2022

$10 million
Fine Brothers Net Worth
$2,000,000 / year
Fine Brothers salary

Fine Brothers Net Worth: How rich is Fine Brothers? & How much money is Fine Brothers worth? Time to find out!

Fine Brothers are American YouTube personalities, writers, and directors and their current net worth is $10 million.

The duo is composed of Benny Fine, born on March 19, 1981, and Rafi Fine, born on June 9, 1983.

The brothers are online producers and best known for their React video series on YouTube.

Growing up in the 1990s in an Orthodox Jewish family in Brooklyn, the brothers spent most of their days in Sullivan County, New York.

The older brother started college at 15, while Rafi attended Dickinson College for two years before moving to Hunter College. There he got a degree in film studies.

The brothers, who started making videos since their childhood, began by entertaining their friends with short sketches. They also used to shot full-length comedies using action figures.

They created their first live action feature in 2000 and started going to comedy film festivals hoping that they would break into Hollywood.

The duo won some filmmaker awards and soon realized that’s not the way there are going to get famous.

There is when they decided that their future is going to be on the internet, which they checked all the time.

Benny and Rafi created their first website in 2003 but uploaded their first video in 2004.

Then they created feature-length live-action comedy, titled G.I. Joe: The Epic Saga. That’s before beginning to upload more sketch and comedy content onto websites such as MySpace.

Both then moved to Los Angeles where they continued to upload more videos on their YouTube channel. They created the channel in 2007.

They started creating content online since 2004, and now they are the big minds behind their company. The Fine Brothers Entertainment is a full service production company of digital series, TV series and feature films.

Their YouTube channel has over 5 billion views and 15 million subscribers. However after they tried to license and trademark the term “React”, like the name of their series, a lot of controversy sparked.

Due to the controversy created their channel lost hundreds of thousands of subscribers, but regained several months later.

The brothers have a second channel, TheFineBros2, as well as a third channel, React.

The Fine Brothers have also collaborated in a variety of ways including writing, directing and producing with other popular YouTubers such as Shane Dawson, and ShayCarl.

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