George Lucas Net Worth

How much is George Lucas Worth?

George Lucas Net Worth $5.4 billion

George Lucas salary $300,000,000

George Lucas Net Worth: How rich is George Lucas? & How much money is George Lucas worth? Time to find out!

George Lucas is an American filmmaker and entrepreneur and his current net worth is $5.4 billion.

Born and raised in Modesto, California, Lucas is the son of Dorothy Ellinore Lucas and George Walton Lucas, Sr., the former owner of a stationery store.

Ever since he was little he had a passion for cars and motor racing, which also inspired some of his films.

Before he got into films, he spent most of his teenage years racing on the underground circuit at fairgrounds and hanging out at garages.

In ’62, he suffered an accident while he was driving his Autobianchi Bianchina another driver passed him, and flipped over his car, with Lucas nearly avoiding death. This caused him to drop everything about racing, and focused on something else.

He studied anthropology, sociology, and literature, amongst other subjects while he was attending Modesto Junior College.

While on college he began shooting with an 8mm camera, along his shots were also car races.

In that period, he and his friend John Plummer began showing interest in Canyon Cinema; basically there were screenings of underground, avant-garde 16mm filmmakers like Jordan Belson, Bruce Conner.

When he was in autocross racing, Lucas met cinematographer Haskell Wexler, another race enthusiast, with whom he worked on several occasions.

He then enrolled to the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts or USC.

Together with his classmates Walter Murch, Hal Barwood, and John Milius, Lucas formed a clique of film students known as The Dirty Dozen.

That’s how he met and befriended, fellow student filmmaker and future Indiana Jones collaborator, Steven Spielberg.

Through his beginnings as a director, Lucas was influenced by filmmaker Lester Novros, which focused on the non-narrative details of Film Form such as color, movement, light, space and time.

After graduation, he co-founded American Zoetrope with colleague Francis Ford Coppola (grandfather of Nicolas Cage).

His first film, which he wrote and directed, was THX 1138 (1971), based on his earlier student short Electronic Labyrinth: THX 1138 4EB. It gained critical acclaim but did badly in box office.

Then he went on and wrote and directed the American Graffiti (1973), which is a film inspired by his teen years and produced through his newly founded Lucasfilm production company.

Today he is famous for being the creator of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises, as well as the founder of Lucasfilm and Industrial Light & Magic. In 2012, he sold Lucasfilm to Disney Company.

Five of his films are among the 100 highest-grossing films of all time, at the North American box office, adjusted for ticket-price inflation.

Today, George Lucas is one of the most successful directors, and has been nominated for four Academy awards.

Since June 2013, he has been married to Mellody Hobson, with whom he has a child.

This wraps up our George Lucas Net Worth profile!

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