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How much is HolaSoyGerman Worth? HolaSoyGerman Net Worth in 2022

$13 million
HolaSoyGerman Net Worth
$5,000,000 / year
HolaSoyGerman salary

HolaSoyGerman Net Worth: How rich is HolaSoyGerman? & How much money is HolaSoyGerman worth? Time to find out!

HolaSoyGerman is an Chilean YouTuber, comedian, musician, singer, and writer and his current net worth is $13 million.

Garmendia is known for his YouTube channel HolaSoyGerman as well as JuegaGerman.

His father died in a car crash three years after he was born, right on Christmas Day. He has an older sibling named Diego but did not grew up next to him.

Growing up, he showed a special interested in music and at 13 years old, he started a band with his brother called Zudex.

In 2011 he uploaded his first YouTube video thanks to his friends’ encouragements.

After accusations of using fraudulent programs to gain subscribers he uploaded a video in which he explained that he did not use such programs.

He has produced some songs, all available on YouTube, together with his band.

Last year, the YouTuber has released a book ‘#Chupaelperro’, which came out in different stores of Latin America and Spain.  He describes it as a mix between a book and a magazine

His YouTube channel HolaSoyGerman has over 31 million subscribers, which makes him the second most subscribed YouTuber after PewDiePie. And the most subscribed in the Spanish language.

Both his channels are the 2nd and 17th most subscribed on YouTube, with over 50 million subscribers combined.

He is the first YouTuber to gain two Diamond Play Buttons for having 10 million subscribers on both of his channels.

Both in 2014 and 2015 he won the “Icon of the Year” award from MTV Millennial Awards.

He appeared in the YouTube Rewind video in 2014. A year later after having accomplished so many things he was able to made a longer appearance in the 2015 and 2016 versions. He also gave his voice to the Spanish version of Ice Age: Collision Course as Julian.

German had a girlfriend named Alison Smith, but broke up recently.

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