John Cena Net Worth in 2021

How much is John Cena Worth?

$65 million

Actor, Athlete, Rapper, Television Host, Wrestler

United States

April 23, 1977

Italian,French-Canadian, English


John Cena Net Worth $65 million

John Cena salary $15,000,000

John Cena Net Worth: How rich is John Cena? & How much money is John Cena worth? Time to find out!

John Cena is an American professional wrestler, rapper, actor, and reality television show host,  and his current net worth is $65 million.

John was born in West Newbury, Massachusetts as the child of Carol and John Cena Sr., the second oldest of five brothers.

Growing up, he started attending Central Catholic High School, but transferred to Crushing Academy, a private prep boarding school. Upon graduation, he went to Springfield College.

While there, he was a NCAA Division III All-American center on the college football team, playing under the number 54, which he still used on some of his WWE merchandise.

After graduating with a diploma in physiology, he worked as a driver for a limousine company in order to be able to pursue a career in bodybuilding.

In 1999 he started taking his wrestling career more serious and began training to become a professional wrestler at the Ultimate Pro Wrestling’s California-based Ultimate University operated by Rick Bassman.

He made his ring debut under the name of a semi-robotic character known as The Prototype.

Some moments of his early career has been part of the Inside Pro Wrestling School, a documentary produced by Discovery Channel.

Throughout his vast wrestling career, he has won several titles and 25 championships, with 16 reigns as a world champion.

Cena has the fourth-highest number of combined days as WWE Champion, behind Bruno Sammartino, Bob Backlund, and Hulk Hogan.

As of 2016, John Cena is WWE’s highest-paid wrestler with $9.5 million earnings that year.

Cena was also a rapper between 2002 and 2004, a period in which he became famous within the audience on SmackDown!.

Apart from his rapping and wresting career, Cena also played in action films such as The Marine and 12 Rounds, and also put his comedian talent into use for Trainwreck.

As of 2015 he is the host and executive producer of American Grit, a military-inspired reality competition show.

From April 2017, he became engaged with his long-time girlfriend, wrestler Stephanie Garcia-Colace, better known as Nikki Bella.

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