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Kenneth Langone

How much is Kenneth Langone Worth? Kenneth Langone Net Worth in 2022

$2.9 billion
Kenneth Langone Net Worth
$200,000,000 / year
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Kenneth Langone Net Worth: How rich is Kenneth Langone? & How much money is Kenneth Langone worth? Time to find out!

Kenneth Langone is a an American businessman, investor, and philanthropist and his current net worth is $2.9 billion.

Born in Roslyn Heights, New York, to Italian-American working-class parents, he studied at Bucknell University.

While at the university he worked various jobs like a butcher’s assistant, a caddy and ditch digger. There he became a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity.

Upon graduating he moved back to New York, but instead of Roslyn Heights, he moved to Manhattan.

There he attended New York University Stern School for Business at night while working full-time during the day.

He started his career at a Wall Street financial services company in the early 1960s. Soon after, he became a mover and a shaker in the firm, as well as an important member in the development of new business.

After he met and amazed Ross Perot into letting Pressprich handle Electronic Data Systems’ IPO, he became the company’s president.

How did Kenneth Langone get famous?

Then at the beginning of the 1970s he left the company for a new firm, which would later become hugely successful.

Around the same time he started studying the home improvement business. After buying a stock in Handy Dan, a home improvement chain, a friendly relationship began between him, the CEO and CFO of the company.

When issues started between CEO Bernard Marcus and the CEO of The Dalyin Corporation, he protected Marcus.

After Langone sold his Handy Dan stock, both Marcus and Blank were fired. Then he organized financing for Marcus and Blank to found Home Depot.

How does Kenneth Langone make money?

Today, the company is a national chain with over 300,000 employees, which became Langone’s most successful venture.

A while after he tried to purchase the New York Stock Exchange. Although the deal fell through, he still managed to attract a lot of publicity.

In 1997 he became the director of Yum! Brands, and he is also a member of the Audit Committee.

In 2010 he became the Chairman of Board of Directors of Geeknet, and is now serving as the CEO of the company.

Apart from his work as a businessman he is also a philanthropist and has donated millions of dollars to various charities. He often donates to universities, medical research and training, education and helping children.

As of his personal life, he is married to Elaine Langone and has three children.

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