LL Cool J Net Worth in 2020

How much is LL Cool J Worth?

$105 million

Actor, Author, Entrepreneur, Rapper

United States

January 14, 1968



LL Cool J Net Worth $105 million

LL Cool J salary $150,000

LL Cool J Net Worth: How rich is LL Cool J? & How much money is LL Cool J worth? Time to find out!

LL Cool J is an American rapper, actor, author, and entrepreneur and his current net worth is $105 million.

Born as James Todd Smith in Bay Shore, New York, as the son of Ondrea Griffeth and James Louis Smith, Jr., LL Cool J is one of the richest rappers in the world.

He started rapping at 9 years old and among his earliest influences is the hip-hop group The Treacherous Three.

In 1984, the little J used to create demo tapes in his grandparents’ home. His grandfather believed in his dream and bought him $2,000 worth of equipment, including two turntables, an audio mixer and an amplifier.

With the help of the equipment his grandfather gave him he produced and mixed his own demos to send them to various record companies.

Then he adopted the stage name LL Cool J, which is an abbreviation for Ladies Love Cool James. Later on Def Jam signed him, which led to the release of his first song, I Need a Beat, in 1984.

His debut single sold over 100,000 copies and helped put both Def Jam Records on the map as well as establish him as a rapper.

The commercial success of “I Need a Beat” helped lead the record label to a distribution deal with Columbia Records.

He had his breakthrough with his second album, 1987 Bigger and Deffer, produced by DJ Pooh.

The release of his second album is to date his biggest-selling career album. It sold more than 3 million copies in the US.

Other albums followed, with significant success which helped him establish as a rapper worldwide.

His 10th album, which had songs produced, produced by Pharrell & The Neptunes, included singles like Paradise, featuring Amerie, Luv U Better.

Apart from his rapping career, he is also a famous actor, with him starring in many TV shows and films. Among the most famous films he starred on are The Hard Way and Toys, In the House, and many more.

The album reached platinum status. He has released 13 studio albums and two greatest hits compilations.  Currently stars on the TV series, NCIS: Los Angeles as well as the host of Lip Sync Battle.

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