Neil Sedaka Net Worth

How much is Neil Sedaka Worth?

Neil Sedaka Net Worth $370 million

Neil Sedaka salary $70,000,000

Neil Sedaka Net Worth: How rich is Neil Sedaka? & How much money is Neil Sedaka worth? Time to find out!

Neil Sedaka is an American pop singer, pianist, composer and record producer and his current net worth is $370 million.

Born in Brooklyn, New York to his father, Mac Sedaka, a taxi driver and his mother, Eleanor, he grew up in Brigthon Beach.

Growing up in Brighton Beach, on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, he attended Abraham Lincoln High School in Brooklyn and graduated in 195.

While in second grade choral class, he showed musical aptitudes which made his teacher sent a note home to his parents suggesting he take piano lessons.

To pay for his piano lessons, his mother took a part-time job in a department store for six months.

A few years later he auditioned for a piano scholarship to the Julliard School of Music’s Preparatory Division for Children and got in, only attending on Saturdays.

His mother supported him and wanted him to become a famous classical pianist like Van Cliburn, but he had other plans: pop music.

At 13, after one of his neighbors heard him play, she introduced him to her 16-year-old son, Howard Greenfield, an aspiring poet and lyricist.

The two grew up to become the legendary Brill Building’s composers, with them writing songs together since that day.

When he got famous, the two used to write songs for him and other artists. Then the Beatles and the British Invasion came upon American Music, which made his recording career end.

He wanted a change and moved his family to Britain, in the early 1970s. Sedaka and Greenfield mutually agreed to end their partnership with “Our Last Song Together” but reunited when he came back to US.

After graduating from high school, he among with some of his classmates started a band called the Tokens, releasing minor hits.

His first three solo singles failed to become hits, but earned bum the first of many appearances on a show.  RCA Victor signed him to a recording contract.

Sedaka’s first single for RCA Victor is The Diary, inspired by Connie Francis.

His second single, almost hit the Top 40, ranking at #42, but became a more successful single in the UK with #9.

After his third single failed to meet the standards imposed by the recording label, his manager persuaded the RCA executives to give him one more chance.

He delivered his next songs, which got into Top 10, reaching no. 9.

After he became famous in 1958 he kept releasing hits until 1962. A break followed and then returned with the release of Sedaka’s Back, a series of songs from three albums he had recorded in UK.

Today, after years of pushing forward the limits of music, he is almost 80 years old, but still maintains a rigorous concert schedule in the US and around the world.

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