Roman Abramovich Net Worth in 2022

How much is Roman Abramovich Worth?

$9.1 billion

Businessman, Investor, Politician

Russia, United Kingdom

October 24, 1966



Roman Abramovich Net Worth $9.1 billion

Roman Abramovich salary $1,500,000,000

Roman Abramovich Net Worth: How rich is Roman Abramovich? & How much money is Roman Abramovich worth? Time to find out!

Roman Abramovich is a Russian billionaire businessman, investor, and politician and his current net worth is $9.1 billion.

Coming from a Jewish family, from a state office manager-father he started his first business while still in army.

After a brief time in the Soviet Army, Abramovich married his first wife, Olga and started his own business. Prior of starting his company, he used to work as a street-trader, and then as a mechanic.

He even sold imported rubber ducks from his Moscow apartment just to survive.

When it comes to school, he attended the Gubkin Institute of Oil and Gas in Moscow. While there he sold retreaded car tires as a sideline, and then moved to Runicom, a Swiss trading company.

How did Abramovich get famous?

In 1988, as the policy or practice of restructuring or reforming the economic and political system kicked, it opened opportunities for privatization in the Soviet Union. There, he got a chance to legitimize his old business.

He and his first wife set up a company, which made dolls. Few years later, his wealth spread to include oil conglomerates to pig farms as well as investing in other businesses.

During the 1990s, he set up and liquidated at least 20 companies, in sectors as diverse as bodyguard recruitment and tire retreating.

Between 1992 and 1995 he founded five companies connected to resale, produced customer goods, and acted as intermediary. He eventually specialized in the trading of oil and oil products.

But during the same period the police arrested and sent him to prison in a case of theft of government property.

After he co-operated with the investigation, the police closed the case.

After the 1995 he, alongside Boris Berezovsky, an associate of President Boris Yeltsin, bought the controlling interest in Sibneft, a large oil company.

The deal they made, with each partner paying $100m for half of the company, it rapidly turned into billions.

At some point in his life, he even admitted that he paid huge bribes in billions to government officials and obtained protection for gangsters to make the deal happen.

How does Roman Abramovich make money?

The climax of his career happened between 1989 and 1991, while he served as chairman of the Comfort Co-op, and from 1991 to 1993 when he became the director of the ABK small enterprise in Moscow.

After establishing 10 more companies, he became so rich and politically well-connected that he even became close to President Boris Yeltsin. He even moved into an apartment in Kremlin at the invitation of the presidential family.

As for his political career, he became governor of Russia’s province of Chukotka.

Today he is the owner of Chelsea Football Club, as well as main owner of private investment company Millhouse LLC.

Abramovich is on Forbes 2017 billionaire list, with a net worth of $9.1 billion. In 2016, the same publication estimated his net worth around $7.6 billion.

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