Sophia Amoruso Net Worth in 2020

How much is Sophia Amoruso Worth?

$10 million


United States

April 20, 1984

Greek, Italian, and Portuguese


Sophia Amoruso Net Worth $10 million

Sophia Amoruso salary $4,000,000

Sophia Amoruso Net Worth: How rich is Sophia Amoruso? & How much money is Sophia Amoruso worth? Time to find out!

Sophia Amoruso is an American businesswoman and her current net worth is $10 million.

Born in San Diego, California and raised in the Greek Orthodox Church, she is of Greek, Italian and Portuguese descent.

Doctors diagnosed her with depression and attention difficult disorder in her adolescence, after which she dropped out of school and started homeschooling.

Among her first jobs include working at a Subway restaurant, followed by several odd jobs, like working in a bookstore, and a record shop.

Upon finishing high school, her parents divorced and she moved to Sacramento, California.

As a teenager, she lived a nomadic life, hitchhiking on the west coast, dumpster living and even stealing.

While living in Oregon, someone caught her stealing and she got a fine, which made her stop stealing.

After the incident she relocated to San Francisco, only to discover she had a hernia in her groin. She needed to purchase health insurance for required medical treatments, which she did.

While still at the community college, she used to work in the Academy of Art University’s lobby, checking student IDs.

At 23 she started working as a security guard at San Francisco’s Academy of Art University.

During that time, she opened an online eBay store, and named it Nasty Gal Vintage, after the 1975 album by funk singer and style icon Betty Davis.

The store sold used vintage clothing and other items. Among the first items she sold included a book she had stolen as a teenager.

She even styled, photographed, captioned, and shipped the products herself, using what she knew from photography class, which helped the business grow.

After eBay banned her for posting hyperlinks in feedback to customers, she launched Nasty Gal as its own retail website.

The website quickly grew into a devoted online following of young women on social media. It had revenues increasing to almost $23 million in 2011.

In 2014, she released her autobiography #GIRLBOSS, which Netflix turned into a television series with the same name. The network cancelled the series after just one season.

Forbes named her one of the richest self-made women in the world, back in 2016.

She admitted that she felt incompatible with the request of being a CEO, and as a result she stepped down as CEO of Nasty Gal.

In November 2016, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, with her resigning as executive chairwoman.

Nasty Gal remained in Los Angeles and continues to produce apparel, shoes, and accessories under its own brand, as a result of Boohoo Group purchasing it for $20m in February 2017.

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