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How much is Vegetta777 Worth? Vegetta777 Net Worth in 2022

$10 million
Vegetta777 Net Worth
$2,600,000 / year
Vegetta777 salary

Vegetta777 Net Worth: How rich is Vegetta777? & How much money is Vegetta777 worth? Time to find out!

Vegetta777 is a Spanish YouTuber and his current net worth is $10 million.

The YouTube personality is famous for posting gameplays of Minecraft, Battlefield, Saint’s Row, Garry’s Mod and many others.

According to fans, he is not like the other YouTubers because of his distinct narrative style. Also, because he has a way of creating stories from videos and is trying to make them like a movie.

He’s got fans from all around the world, not only in Spain from where he is from. The fans made his channel the most views and subscribed channel in some of those countries.

In 2016 he ranked on the second place as the most subscribed channel in Spain, with more than 14 million subscribers.

In his videos fans can see him, along with other famous YouTubers from Spain like Willyrex, Alexby, playing different games.

All of them have a big fan base and a lot of subscribers making a community of users with a lot of growth potential.

On his YouTube channel, he has started several series of different games, like Vegetta’s Planet, Minecraft Zone, and many others.

Planeta Vegetta is a series of Minecraft where fans see a lot of Mods. The series based on building various buildings or houses, basically how to play Minecraft at its best.

He is this famous because he used to upload videos from The Hunger Games made on Pirate Server, which got to a lot of users who can’t play the original Minecraft.

Currently he only plays in Premium Servers with different modes of Minecraft like The Hunger Games, The Walls, Defend the Village, The Super Hunger Games, Destroy the Nexus, and many others.

His official server where he always plays right now is Olimpocraft, a premium server with a variety of games like Hunger Games, Pizza Spleef, Escape from the Beast, just to name a few.

Vegetta777 praised for his interaction with his fans, is often asking them what they would like to see in his series, taking their advice, and shouting their names in his videos.

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