Unveiling June 10th – BMW Creates The Future Of Luxury With This Next Generation BMW 7 Series

8 June 2015

BMW Creates The Future Of Luxury With This Next Generation BMW 7 Series

The next generation of the BMW 7 Series will be released on June 10th, after the BMW company released an awesome teaser where the future of luxury is explained.

The next generation of the BMW 7 Series is on our radars for quite some time. You probably remember our article from February, when we were talking about it at a concept level.

Although we know the car will look like because a previous prototype without camouflage on it was spied the newly released teaser does offer us some awesome details.

The  BMW 7 Series will feature a special carbon core badge, a roof combining carbon fiber and aluminium perfect for keeping the center of gravity as low as possible.

Further more, the car will feature a Dynamic Damper Control, an improved version of the Integral Active Steering system. The new BMW 7 Series will offer new and improved engine. We should expect four cylinders ( V8s and V12s ).

The car will feature a touch display iDrive monitor, first of its kind at this company. And that is not all. The  iDrive monitor will include gesture control.

All of these features are perfectly and beautifully combined in a unique series of BMW 7 that will reshape our beliefs about luxury cars.

Also, today a couple of optional extras have leaked. From our sources we can say that a Driving Assistant Plus package will be available for €3180, an Alcantara headline for the cost of €1440, full adaptive LED with €1800, adjustable rear seats at €2220. A M Sport Package will be available and it will cost  €5760.

Now, with no more further delays, are you ready to see the new teaser of the next generation  BMW 7 Series ?

I’ve also prepared for you the first preview of this series, in case you had no chance of watching it!

What do you think about this luxury series ? Will you buy one of its awesome examples ?

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