Why The Ocean Deck House From New York Is Your Perfect Luxury Home

8 May 2015

Why The Ocean Deck House From New York Is Your Perfect Luxury Home

Today we are going to Bridgehampton, New York to visit the Ocean Deck House a beautiful oceanfront property that lets you experience the exquisite taste of modern luxury. Prepare yourself for the trip of your life!

How does your dream home look like ? Does it blow your mind when you see it ? Or maybe it features awesome things like an outdoor pool with perfect lounge sofas where relaxation is at home ? Does it has a couple of floor that offer mesmerizing views at every window ?

Well, if your answer is yes, you will definitely love the residence I’ve prepared for you today. The Ocean Deck House is a real architecture and design wonder and offers unique experiences to every visitor.

Just imagine the perfect mornings, the excellent evening parties and the best quality time spent with your loved ones inside a house like this one. Once you step inside of it your whole perspective about luxury homes will change.

The Ocean Deck House is designed by Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects and it really captures the outdoor-indoor living because of the roof decks and large cantilevered decks. This ocean front residence was built for a family that loves to entertain and cook.

As a measure to preserve the integrity of the dune, the house is pulled back from it to create three distinct experiences on each level.

The ground level, nestled behind the dune, offers a wood and concrete paved patio with  ping-pong area and outdoor fireplace.

If you interested more in Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects you can check out their awesome portofolio by visiting the official website here! You will be amazed by their work!1 2 3 4 5 6This house is designed as an upside down house, giving the most spectacular views to the living, dining and kitchen on the top floor. This floor takes advantage not only of the southern exposure and views, but provides for adequate solar control.

The main deck features and extensive vegetable garden with lounging, entertaining and outdoor cooking. Awesome, no ?

8 7 10 9 11 12 13 14What do you think about this luxury home ? Can you picture yourself living here ?

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