15 Things That Are Old Money Aesthetic

It’s Easy to Recognize Old Money When You Know What to Look For. Here Are 15 Old Money Aesthetics.

New money shouts, old money whispers… But what are the words of its whisper, and how can you adopt some of this “vocabulary” in your life?

We’re about to find out in today’s article – 15 Things That are OLD MONEY AESTHETIC.

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It’s time to leave new money behind and delve into a world of private education and eloquent accents.

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It’s about More than Keeping up Appearances

New money means having to prove that you have money. From having nothing to having something requires one to draw attention to themselves and the newfound windfall, quickly. And how does new money do that? By showing it off, of course.

It’s not an old money aesthetic … why? Because it’s been in the family forever. Things like grooming, personal care, clothing, and all-round appearance just ooze class, developed over many years.


Fluent in Languages

Bonjour, N?n h?o, Guten Tag… when it comes to languages, old money knows more than one. In fact, they generally know several and that’s thanks to their world-class education and let’s not forget those incredible summers spent along the French Riviera, or the Chinese exchange student that stayed for 3-months.

There’s a beautiful Czech proverb that says, “You live a new life for every new language you speak. If you know only one language, you live only once.” And that is an old money aesthetic.

If you want to recognize old money better, check out 15 Things That Scream Old Money.


They Stick To Their Own

Old money aesthetic is to live in exclusive neighbourhoods with other old money. They own the beautiful homes that have been in their family for many years, that are a treasure trove of beautiful Christmas’s, children running down long hallways while playing hide and seek with the nanny, or a family cook preparing meals for the evening supper.

Think Catherine Tate and her “Posh Mum” comedy skit. For example, getting a Northern nanny was a bit too much for her to handle or how they almost ran out of extra-virgin olive oil.

All of this would need to take place in the beautiful home in the exclusive neighbourhood, as you’ll hear next…


Nothing Beats a Stately Manor

Manicured lawns, long driveways, ivy on the walls, Italianesque fountains, and topiary hedges, appreciation of classic art and real wood. Brass balustrades, heavy curtaining, Persian rugs, framed photographs from every year and don’t forget the casual 4th of July photograph with an ex-President.

There’s also the library, fireplaces in every room, fresh flowers… from the garden, of course… heirlooms, designer fabric, towel heaters and we can go on. Suffice to say, the stately manor and old money go hand-in-hand.


They Have Exclusive Hobbies

Forget football and camping, old money enjoys hobbies like polo, hunting and fly fishing.

The New Yorker published an article titled, “What Old Money Looks like in America, and Who Pays for It.” The article drew attention to the many facets of old money, one being the importance of exclusive hobbies, Land Rovers and Ivy League school attendance.

Author, Chris Wiley, highlights photographs by Buck Ellison who uses models and actors to capture the lives of old money blue bloods.

Of the series taken, the only pictures that that veered slightly off course were of a team of female Lacrosse players. Ellison mentions that that the players “exude a martial intensity that will no doubt serve them well in the corporate boardrooms and white-shoe law firms of their futures.”


Birds of a Feather

Successful friends are par for the course when it comes to old money. Like-moneyed folk like to spend their time with other like-moneyed folk. It’s no fun when you’re trying to arrange a get-together at Martha’s Vineyard and your friends can’t join you because they can’t afford it.

Old money never need to worry about that. The only major decision old money need to make is whose yacht will be taken out into the ocean, or whose going to water ski first.  


Family Names

Old money sport family names like Digby, Bill and Veta. There’s also Digby Senior and Digby Junior, Bill Senior and Bill Junior and of course, Veta Senior and Veta Junior.

There are no Scarlett’s, Asher’s or Shae’s to be found, and there are certainly no “babe,” “boo” or “bae,” but rather “darling,” “my dear,” and “pet.”


They Holiday with Their Own

If you find yourself at a horse show in the Hamptons, sunning in the French Riviera or skiing in St Moritz, you will notice a very distinct echelon of holiday maker. You got it, old money!

There will be more cashmere cardigans knotted around necks than you can shake a Gurkha Black Dragon Cigar at.

For centuries long, places like the Tarr Farm in Exmoor, England to Three Forks Ranch in Wyoming have been hosting the richest on hunting trips and fireside networking. Nothing spells old money like cruising the Cannes coastline on a private yacht. Ditch the package holidays if you want to holiday like the old guard.


Humbly (But Publicly) Support Charity and History

Nothing shines up the brass of the well-off than a charity auction or art show or a fundraiser for the cities philharmonic orchestra doing Handel. This is where they can really shine and put their money back into history…as well make an appearance in the Social Pages of The Times.

You might not still read the paper, but the who’s who still do!


Private Banking

Nothing gives off Old Money aesthetic like private banking. Whether they’re seen heading into the private banking lounge at an airport or flashing some private plastic, it’s a must have in creating the monied aesthetic.

You will find that the service is more personal, you will be able to get unscripted advice from an actual human, and there are fewer annoying sales calls and more actual beneficial benefits.


Attend Sports from the Box Seats

You might be thinking that you’ve seen new money in the box seats at the biggest games. But old money doesn’t sport for the kind of boxes with a soda machine, a wings buffets and flaming cocktail waiters.

You will find them enjoying the game with a selection of the finest whisky and a private chef serving the finest steak to boot. Think less testosterone and more low-key enjoyment of the sport in the environment to close a deal.


They Don’t Advertise Anything

One thing you won’t find Old Money being is a billboard. You won’t spot the brand they are wearing from space with gaudy logo’s blazoned across it. Think statement items, a brands iconic items and classic lines that smack of quality and ooze with class.

One thing they aren’t using their good name for is to promote someone else’s name.

In our video, 15 Differences Between NEW MONEY & OLD MONEY, one commenter Kurt S said, “New money owns the buildings, old money owns the land,” and it’s similar to not advertising anything.

When someone owns a building, you know they own that building… but do you know who owns the land? Probably not – but the landowner doesn’t mind because he’s sitting pretty with the rental, you’re paying him every month to build on the land he or she owns.


Simple Transport

You won’t find rims, stretch limos and big truck temperament here. No gaudy private jets with diamond interiors and private cinemas. None of these rides will be affordable to the everyman, but they certainly don’t scream: NOTICE ME I am rich!

Town cars like a Bentley or a Lexus will do, but nothing that draws unwanted attention. When you have real wealth, you don’t need to be ogled over to feel good. Then they take the Range Rover or Land Cruiser to the country for hunting, the more vintage the better.


They Know Good Liquor and Keep It in House

You won’t find top brass ordering bottle service at the most hanging club on the block just to show off the size of their…wallet.

They appreciate a good whiskey collection or a private cellar of the best wines from around the world to enjoy in a quieter surrounding. They appreciate clean ice and being able to hear it ring on a crystal glass wear.


Polite and Gracious

Eating out with old money and new money, Aluxers, are two completely different experiences. Old money may not love what they’re eating, but they’re far too polite to say anything, or send it back.

New money on the other hand, want value for their money and will have no problem sending something back.

Old money aesthetic is to not be loud and obnoxious. It’s refined, respectable, and quiet… in other words… it whispers.  


Aluxers, what do you believe whispers old money? We’d love your feedback in the comments below.

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