15 Painful Truths You Will Need to Deal With

21 February 2021

Life Isn’t Always Going to Be Easy. There Are Some Bitter Realities That You’ll Have to Accept. So It’s Better to Buckle Up.

Hello Aluxers and welcome back to this Sunday Motivational article! Today we’ll be breaking down the bitter truth of life.

You will inevitably have to overcome these painful truths at some point in your life, so why not take the time today to prepare.

You’re not gonna like many of the things you’ll hear but by the end of the article you’ll be grateful you did. 

Hopefully you will find this valuable!

As usual, here is the video version of this article:

With that done, here are 15 Painful truths you will need to deal with!


Everyone You Know Will Eventually Die – Including You

Too many people are scared of death, so much so that they spend their lives trying to avoid it to the point where they’re no longer living.. They are just.. Alive.

This is a valuable reminder that your parents are here for a limited amount of time.

That the friends you have will inevitably fade out one after the other, unless you’re the first one to go.

Our mind does this weird trick on us where no matter how much you tell it that one day it will no longer exist, the little voice inside your head refuses to accept it. It intellectualizes it, but deep down the voice can not comprehend itself not existing. Try it now and see what happens!

This point is not meant to scare you, but wake you up to realise that as cheesy as it sounds, today is actually a gift – which is why they call it the Present!


We Are What We Settle For

In life, you will go as far as you’re willing to keep going.

As long as you live you will never hear truer words.

It is a bitter truth that people settle low all the time. They settle for jobs that make them miserable. They settle for relationships that are just ok.. They settle for cities where nothing ever happens.. They settle for less than they wish they got. 

Run the experiment long enough and you end up filled with regret. You don’t do your job well and your partner isn’t happy because you’re not happy. 

Just take a moment to think about it:

Instead of living with no regrets, you regret where you’re living!

All of this is under your control, unless you settle.


Life Is a Game of Overcoming Failure and Struggles

Life is constantly throwing obstacles your way just to see what happens. It’s the universe’s way of figuring out who you are actually meant to be in the puzzle it’s building. 

The simplest rule of all is: never stop. Never give up. 

As long as there’s breath inside of your lungs, give it another go. 

Mountains seem uncrossable until you get to the peak and the only way to get there is to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

For every difficult problem you solve, the universe will reward you with something amazing. Think back on your life and the moments you thought there’s no way you will overcome a difficulty.. What happened next? How did it feel to know you’ve conquered your fears and managed to solve it in time? What was the aftermath of those choices?

People don’t reflect back on their lives enough, for if they did, they would see that for every problem they face in their life right now, there’s already a solution or a combination of solutions that they’ve used in the past. 


Easy Choices – Hard Life, Hard Choices – Easy Life

Fundamentally, this is what makes the difference. This is why you see some individuals thriving and others struggling.

This bitter truth applies to everyone’s life, no matter where you were born, your financial status, no matter your gender or sexual preference. 

It applies to everyone equally and as long as you will make the hard choices in life you will win, given enough time for those decisions to generate outcomes.


Everyone Thinks They Can, but Very Few Actually Do

We all think we have potential, because we do. When we are children, that’s all we are: potential. 

This little creature could become something great. Statistically speaking, it will probably end up like everyone else. But because you’re in the body you are right now, you’ve experienced your entire life for a first perspective. In your story you are the star because everything is in relation to how you perceive it. 

But At one point in your journey something clicks. It’s the moment you realise this money isn’t about you, that other people are the main characters in the story you’re living and you’re just there as an extra.

We believe we are destined for greatness, but destiny doesn’t work unless you do.

Some people make it their mission to push the limits of what their destiny allows them to do. They rewrite it because they didn’t like the terms they got in the beginning. 

That’s the people who make it.

The people who use everything in their power to alter reality based on their wishes. 

They plan, they sacrifice, they set goals in such a way that they eventually achieve them. And once you see it working, you become addicted. If this worked once, what can I do next?!

These people use specific tools and methods that help them keep improving their odds of success, tools and methods we’ve personally used to get ourselves in the fortunate position we find ourselves in.

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Being Busy Doesn’t Mean You’re Productive

Sometimes you keep running at full speed and still it doesn’t seem like much gets done. Your life is still a mess. 

For some reason people seem to think that the busier you are, the more successful you seem to others. The bitter truth of this matter is, that it’s quite the opposite. 

Many think this happens because they don’t have enough time, when in reality it’s a priority system that they’re missing. 

You’re too busy pursuing URGENT things and disregard the IMPORTANT ones – and we both know that the important ones push your life forward. 


What You Own Is Not Who You Are

It takes being able to afford almost everything to realise that you don’t really want it or need it. We know… this sounds like “rich people talk” but know that it is the truth.

The moment you are able to afford something, it loses its appeal. We love luxury and beautiful products, but once they’re out of the store and in your house their magic fades away and revert to their utility status. Gucci shoes become.. Well.. just shoes. 

But when you’re young and naive you tie your identity to material things, because these are what you hold on a higher status. 

I want you to pay very close attention to what we’re about to say next:

To love is very different than to own! – let that sink in.

Love pays out dividends regularly, while the things you own require you to pay rent regularly – it’s just that the rent is paid in time so most people don’t notice it.


You Are Just Not the Right Fit for Certain People

The bitter truth of our social lives is that not everybody we meet will fit in our life puzzle and you won’t fit in someone else’s. When this happens it’s just best to move on. 

Sometimes we all get a bit carried away, we make big plans thinking about the bigger picture only to realise the pieces don’t fit. 

The sooner you figure that out the sooner you can go looking for the right piece.


It’s Not Other People’s Job for You to Be Happy, Healthy or to Love You – Do It Yourself 

People expect others to come into their life and change everything. You hope that one day you’ll find that really fit person who for some reason will make it their life’s mission to get you into shape. 

You think that somehow the love of your life will end up on your doorstep and teach you how to love. 

Above everything, you expect other people to actively contribute to your happiness.. All because of the bias you have towards yourself as we mentioned at number 5.

Happiness is a choice. 

Health is a choice.

Love might require other people, but self-love is a choice.

What you need is to start making better choices.

Do you want to have a fresh start so you can make better choices, but don’t know where to begin? Check out 15 Steps to Reinvent Yourself and Start Over.


Your Mind Is a Scary Place, Unless You Tame It

Most people let their minds run on autopilot, the same way you don’t notice you’re breathing until you make it the subject of your focus. Sorry for switching your breathing to manual mode by the way!

The bitter truth is, we are all dealing with demons others know nothing about.. It’s not just you!

Some days we manage to put these demons in cages and other times we even force them to work in our favor. But these are demons nonetheless. 

The moment we forget to keep them in check they start screwing with everything we care for as revenge. 

It gets to a point where people decide to end their lives in the hopes that these voices will stop. Be there for your friends, that’s all you can do.

If you’re feeling like this becomes dangerous to your well being, why not see a professional? Nobody needs to know. Self-help is a form of self-love and as we just found out, it’s your job to love yourself.

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It’s a 21 day challenge where at the end you install this valuable skill in your system. As with all our products, if you buy it and for any reason you believe you didn’t get your money’s worth, we will provide you with a full refund.


You Don’t Have to Wait for an Apology to Forgive

We know people who’ve been carrying around some sort of anger for years because they don’t want to seem like they lost an argument. 

Looking back on your life on your deathbed can you believe how pitiful this is? 

Friendships end, family relationships are broken and work partnerships fail because of ego. 

The bitter truth of ego is that it is blocking your way to a better life.


You Can’t Save Everyone

No matter how hard you try there will always be someone out there you can’t save – actually there’s gonna be a bunch of them.

You’re not here to save everyone, you’re here to save yourself and then the people who want to be saved. Be like Jesus!

The painful truth here is that many try to save others although they can’t even save themselves.

Please remember this:

A sinking ship can not save anyone!

Fix your ship and then see who you’re willing to take onboard. 


Everything Is in Constant Change – Every Second

If the past few years have taught us anything, is just how quickly everything changes. The future the Jetsons predicted is now. The bitter reality is that we ARE the Jetsons.


Nothing done today will be done in the same way 20 years from now. The world we’re living in is changing so quickly you’re missing it.

You are getting older. 

Your priorities shift. Your perception changes. You learn what the world is like, but before you’re able to process it, the world has already changed again.

That’s why you see so many angry old people. The world changed slower back in their day and now they’re unsure what the hell is happening. 

The best you can do is hold on and get ready, for this is going to be a bumpy ride.


Better Late Than Never, but Too Late Is Pointless

Don’t wait. The bitter truth about time is that it doesn’t tick for you, it’s too busy doing its own thing and pushing everyone into the future. 

Sometimes if you wait too long the opportunity has passed. So be ready. Be ready with everything you’ve got, for when that opportunity door opens, sprint right through it and don’t stop.

Timing is probably the most valuable thing one should master, for if the timing is right everything is substantially easier. It’s easier to sail with the wind than against it.

And the best thing about timing, you only need to time it right once and your life changes because of it.


You Create Most of the Problems in Your Life

Yep, we decided to end on this, because why not piss off everybody who’s struggling right now – especially with the covid situation still looming on us. Our safeway out is the word MOST. There are of course some problems that are out of your control. 

You can’t control the weather, but if you didn’t bring an umbrella that’s on you!

Think about almost every problem in your life right now and what you could’ve done to prevent it.

People love to play victim. It’s easier to do so, to justify your reality sucking because some external force outside of your control has decided to screw with you particularly. 

The bitter truth to take here is that it ain’t the reality. We like to think that everything good in our life is because of our effort and everything bad is caused by someone else. 

What if you were to flip it around?! Everything good in your life is the result of other people helping you get there.. While everything that sucks is the result of you not being prepared enough for what was about to happen. 

This change in perception yields better results for everyone in the long term. So be grateful for the fortunate position you find yourself in and make it your mission to give back.


There’s tremendous value in every single one of these, but we’re curious to know: Which of the bitter truth did you relate to the most? Let us know where you stand in the comments!