Pastel Outfits at the Grammy Awards 2014

27 January 2014

Pastel Outfits at the Grammy Awards 2014

We’re gonna take a look at the best Pastel Outfits at the Grammy Awards 2014!


Another year has passed and another Grammy Awards edition has left us with some fabulous red carpet looks taken straight from fashion week’s latest collections by the most luxurious fashion houses. One of this event’s major trends were pastel colors, so let’s take a look at the most exquisite outfits in light shades from the Grammy Awards 2014.

Pastel Outfits at the Grammy Awards 2014
Katy Perry in Valentino

The Grammy Awards 2014 edition was glorious in looks and in performances as well, but we’re gonna talk fashion now, pastels to be exact. While our sight is always flashed with bright colors and lots of glitter, the light pastel shades will always remain the prettiest, most luxurious and most beautiful of them all.

Katy Perry took the Valentino opening look straight from the catwalk and wore it like it was designed only for her. The key notes and soft draping around the chest, along with little see-through sheer made her gracious and elegant. The royal up-do emphasized her head-to-toe presence along with the make-up chosen which consisted mostly in a pink lipstick, light colored eye-shadow and the classic bold eye-liner.

Pastel Outfits at the Grammy Awards 2014
Anna Kendrick in Azzaro

The gorgeous actress and singer as well as presenter of Grammy’s, Anna Kendrick rocked the red carpet in a fabulous soft grey colored gown that was sexy, chic and one of the best outfits of the night. In a quite revealing Azzaro dress, Anna stunned us with her sexiness wrapped up in a bit a glitter, a bit of skin and a pair of very pointy pumps.

Pastel Outfits at the Grammy Awards 2014
Taylor Swift in Gucci

In pastel, glitter and a lovely shaped gown, a red carpet outfit is meant to be a hit, so there’s no surprise that Taylor Swift looked efortlessly beautiful as always and her look was one of the best out there. While other celebs might have pulled up the Gucci gown in a much more edgy-fab way, Taylor kept her trademark and kept it simple. She accessorized the look with a pair of classy earrings, her hair pulled back and a dolled up make-up.

Pastel Outfits at the Grammy Awards 2014

Also, Josephine de La Baume made her entrance with her beau looking quite sexy in a lingerie inspired satin pastel dressed, and kept it elegant, simple and very hot.

 Other celebrities that wore all pastel at the Grammy’s Awards 2014 were: Kacey Musgraves in a lovely Armani Prive gown, Sara Bareilles in a Blumarine white short in the front long in the back dress with feather details, Paris Hilton in a House of Milani all-white gown with sheer details on the side and Brooklyn Haley in a pastel-pink gown with sheer details and jewel pieces attached.

Pastel Outfits at the Grammy Awards 2014I hope you enjoyed this article about the Pastel Outfits at the Grammy Awards 2014!