Pieces of Expensive Art Found In Unusual Places

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10 Pieces of Expensive Art Found In Unusual Places

We redirect our attention to the 10 pieces of expensive art found in unusual places.

Everybody knows that artwork can be pretty expensive. Just take the example of the painting that sold for $44 million for just a blue canvas!

If that piece was so expensive think about how expensive these pieces are if they were found in harsh unexpected conditions.

The majority of found art is from storage units or secure vaults discovered years after their owners died.

Let’s see which are the cases where people have found art in the least place you’d expect.

10-Nazi Artwork in Tiny Apartment

10-Nazi Artwork in Tiny Apartment
10 Pieces of Expensive Art Found In Unusual Places 10-Nazi Artwork in Tiny Apartment |via: Wikimedia|

Two years ago when police were supposed to organize a search in a small Munich apartment had a surprise they didn’t see coming.

They found a collection of over 1,300 pieces of art in that small apartment in Munich. The collection’s owner is supposed to be the art dealer Hildebrand Gurlitt who used his passion on the Nazi Commission of the Exploration of Degenerate Art to sell and steal a significant number of paintings.

There was a specific artwork which appeared to have been obtained legally was inherited by his son, Cornelius Gurliit.

It seems like he deposited most of the artwork in a small apartment, only selling pieces when he needed.

Following his death in May of 2014, most of the artwork passed to a museum in Switzerland, including Franz Marc’s Pferde in Landschaft.
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