Places You Must See Before They Disappear

27 November 2013

Places You Must See Before They Disappear

Here are some Places You Must See Before They Disappear!

There so many beautiful places around the world that can become endangered, and a lot of the world’s sights are disappearing by the time.

A lot of factors contribute to this, climat but especially people, because they don’t are not doing anything to save this. Development is another danger for once-pristine, off-the-beaten-path spots and their unique cultures

Here are some beautiful places on the brink of forever changing, and some of that are threatening to disappear entirely. Trust us, you have to see these now, before it’s not to late. Always remember to travel respectfully and responsibly.

Easter Island

This Polynsian Island from southeastern Pacific Ocean it’s famous for 887 moai-carved monolitic statues created by Rapa Nui people. The island has a small population of 5,000 indigenous people and it is one of the most remote inhabited islands in the world. Recent developments shows the opening of a luxury resort last year,and also some locals concerned about a tourism influx.  There is a movement afoot to limit numbers. Visit before you need a permit to see the island’s cave paintings, ancient petroglyphs and moai, or do some extraordinary diving.

The moais at Ahu Akivi. These are special as they actually look Places You Must See Before They Disappear


Places You Must See Before They Disappear


According to NASA, the frozen continent of Antarctica is sinking. While it may pass some time until it melts, the efforts to minimize the impact of tourism are to small. Cruise ships that carry more than 500 passengers are not allowed to sail the straits anymore.
Book a cruise through Abercrombie and Kent for an eco-friendly journey. Go while it’s still there to see immense ice shelves, incredible wildlife sightings and outstanding mountain ranges.

Places You Must See Before They Disappear


Places You Must See Before They Disappear

Great Barrier Reef

One of Australia’s most remarkable natural gifts,is the Great Barrier . It is blessed with the most  breathtaking beauty of the world’s largest coral reef. The reef contains a plenty of marine life and has over 3000 individual reef systems and coral cays. And we are not taking about  hundreds of spectacular  tropical islands with some of the worlds most beautiful golden beaches.

Places You Must See Before They Disappear

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven wonders of the natural world, and viewing it from a greater distance, you can understand why. It is larger than the Great Wall of China and the only living thing on earth visible from space. The problem is that it is suffering from rising ocean temperature, fishing and water pollution which are causing the erosion. Some scientists say that it could be dead in the next 40 year, but we hope they’re wrong.

Places You Must See Before They Disappear

With such a unique and spectacular array of coral, fish, and other marine life, travelers should put this on their must-see list. But when visiting be sure to look and not touch—the coral is easily damaged.

Dead Sea

Every detail about the Dead Sea is fascinating. From the depth to the salty lake, you will love to discover it. When border countries began to divert water the famous, salty, buoyant body began to evaporate, sinking about three feet a year, according to studies . It’s called the Dead Sea because its salinity prevents the existing of any life in the lake.

Places You Must See Before They Disappear


Places You Must See Before They Disappear

Get here before it’s gone to enjoy a fun float in this sea . (30% salt )

Taj Mahal

The world’s most elaborate mausoleum, it was built in the 17th century in memory of Mughal . Some groups and also UNESCO are planning to close the Taj Mahal as population explosion, tourism’s impact and air pollution that have been eroding the structure from exterior.

Taj-Mahal-Amazing Places You Must See Before They Disappear

Until the palace is once again deemed sound, the days of up-close encounters with the majestic site may be numbered.  Until then, visitors can take in the palace’s magnificent details like a reflecting pool, chiseled marble screens with tiny sculpted flowers, and intricate inlaid semiprecious stones.

Places You Must See Before They Disappear

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