Chanel Launches Limited Edition Platinum Monsieur de Chanel Watch!

11 February 2017

This Platinum Monsieur de Chanel Watch by Chanel Looks Incredible!

The Platinum Monsieur de Chanel Watch by Chanel looks dazzling in black enamel!

One of the most interesting new releases of 2017 is a famous 2016 watch that has gone through an upgrade.

Chanel is adding a new member of its collection family, but this time comes in a platinum case with an attractive grand feu enamel dial.

This timepiece is like a reminder from Chanel to the collectors that the concept, case and movement came in a “dream” and were produced specifically for this collection.

Long story short, it is a piece that many watch lovers will certainly appreciate.

Just like the timepieces from last year’s collection, these ones also have the Calibre 1 movement, thanks to Romain Gauthier, the one responsible for making it.

The new Monsieur isn’t that much different than the first edition, which was made in 300 pieces – equal parts white gold and so-called “beige” gold with a silvered dial.

A nice detail that will make watch collectors love this piece even more.

Basically, the Calibre 1 movement is a manually wound running at 3Hz with 72 hours of power reserve.

The design and details are stunning and of course, as expected, you can see through the caseback.

Limited-Edition Monsieur de Chanel Watch
Limited-Edition Monsieur de Chanel Watch

The new black dial is grand feu enamel, and shows the signature 240-degree retrograde minute display, subsidiary seconds, and a jumping digital hour display at six o’clock.

This time around, the timepiece features a 40mm platinum case with a sapphire caseback that displays the intricate wheel movements.

Unfortunately, the incredible timepiece is limited to just 100 pieces, so if you must have one you have to hurry and order one, which will sell for $63,000.

Limited-Edition Monsieur de Chanel Watch
Limited-Edition Monsieur de Chanel Watch

For comparison sake, the beige gold model from last year was $36,000 in white gold and $34,500 in beige gold.

Remember last year when Chanel caused quite a stir when the brand dropped the Monsieur de Chanel, which was its first men’s watch with an in-house produced movement?

What do you think about this marvelous timepiece that was designed by one of the best fashion houses in the world?

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