15 Ways Poor People Try To Look Rich

11 April 2021

Its No Secret That Poor People Want To Hide That They’re Poor. Here Are a Few Crazy Things They Do In Order To Look Rich.

Hello Aluxers and welcome back! This is gonna be one of those articles about poor people.. So buckle up!

We want to preface this by saying that everyone is free to do as they want, but please know that short term decisions have long term effects.

People go broke trying to look rich!

In a society that revolves around social media, everyone is Peacocking, trying to play status games. 

We believe that Randy Newman said it best: Big Hat, No Cattle

Pay attention to this phenomenon!

As always, here is the video version of this article:

Let’s cut the intro short! Here are 15 Ways Poor People try to Look Rich.


Your Car Is More Expensive Than Your House

What’s up with that?! 

Have you noticed that actually rich people buy safer cars that go unnoticed while the pretenders do their best to stand out? Once again, peacocking, but this time with dire financial consequences. 

Cars, very much like large tv-s, are not an investment. They’re actually one of the worst expenses you one can make from a financial perspective.

Why do you buy an expensive car when you’re paying rent?!

And don’t get us started on your Chrysler 300, you know.. Walmart Bentley and the whole expensive rims on trashy cars phenomenon. 

Nobody who’s actually rich buys that kind of stuff.

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They Brag About Money

Here’s the truth. Rich people don’t like talking about money unless a business deal is happening. Money is like the gas you put in the tank, you bring it up only if you’re running low.

We said it once and we’ll say it again:

Poverty screams, wealth whispers!

In wealthier circles, it’s actually faux pas to bring up money in conversation.

Because if you really have money it’s irrelevant how much you spent on anything, the fact that you’re mentioning prices is showing that this was a really big purchase for you – the more you think about it, nobody mentions how much they paid for some chewing gum..


Bedazzled Anything & Sequin Dresses

Rhinestones – eagghhhh! 

Everybody thinks they’re trashy apart from poor people, who love putting rhinestones on everything – and we mean EVERYTHING!

Poor people love showing off their bedazzled items like it’s some sort of status symbol. 

Stay away from bedazzling your phone case, your jeans, your starbucks cup and everything else. 

Sorry girls. But nobody finds these attractive. Stop doing this to your nails.


We think it’s the appeal of being shiny but not in a good way.. In a cheap way that everybody knows it’s cheap.

It’s the same appeal of the Sequin dresses. 

15 Ways Poor People Try To Look Rich

Speaking of shiny things that have little value:


They Buy Zirconium and Try To Pass It off as Diamonds

Have you seen the folks walking around with massive chains and bling, strutting around like they’re the next Lil’ Wayne?

Most of these are fake. You can cop a “diamond and gold”-plated bracelet for 14 bucks on amazon: OR, you can get not one, but 2 diamond dollar signs all of the great price of $9.59

In the words of J. Cole.. you probably sneeze too hard and this sh*t could break.. 

There’s actually a youtuber called: Unghetto Mathieu who goes around a mall testing people’s stones with a diamond tester that proves most people play pretend.

As a rule of thumb in life:

Stop spending real money on fake things!


Bad Plastic Surgery & Fake Tans

They say: never cheap out when getting a tattoo or plastic surgery, because it definitely shows.

So many people walk around with what is obvious bad plastic surgery. These girls be strutting around with JAJA BINKS lips or worse:

15 Ways Poor People Try To Look Rich

It’s gotten to a point where you can’t even close your mouth properly.

It’s the same with breast implants:

15 Ways Poor People Try To Look Rich

and tattoos:

Now.. it doesn’t stop there. Fake tans are another status symbol the poor like to play. This is because getting a real tan in the winter months requires you to fly to different sides of the world where you can still find favorable sun. 

Because that’s too expensive, people just decided to spray paint their bodies walking around in what is borderline blackface

15 Ways Poor People Try To Look Rich

and the men do it 2:


They Rent or Borrow Cars To Go On Dates

We understand the idea that one should always try to punch above their weight class if they want to improve, but it’s gotten to a point where people are taking out short term loans to rent cars and pay for meals in order to improve girls in the hopes of getting laid. 

That’s why he pulled up in that benz the first time you met, but next time he took an Uber since his car is in the garage right now, because he’s doing some upgrades on it.

It’s the same reason why he doesn’t allow you to touch any of the buttons in the car or gets mad if you open any compartments. 

It’s not his car. 

The notion that one spends money to impress people who otherwise wouldn’t be impressed by who you truly are is like living on borrowed time, eventually it catches up to you.

You know what’s better than fake it till you make it? 

Actually making it by not sabotaging yourself this early in the game!


They Overdress

At most, rich people dress appropriately. 

Poor people have no idea how to dress depending on different situations. We’ve seen numerous times ladies coming in high-heels on a sailing trip or to a garden party…

Wealth comes with options and variety. Just because your friend borrowed you her paid of Louboutins and in your mind that reads as “expensive”, wearing them to a garden party reads poorly to everyone else.

The more you try to impress others with your outfits the quicker true wealth is there to dismiss you. 


There’s Less Money in the Bag Than You Paid For the Bag

Here’s the deal. Stop asking for expensive bags until you can afford to buy them yourselves.

What is the point of having an Hermes Birkin bag worth in excess of $10,000 when you haven’t paid your utility bills for the past 3 months?!

Bags & shoes are for females what cars are for the guys. 

As a matter of fact, not even… because guys buy cars to impress girls, while girls ask for bags to impress other girls and signal that they’re doing better than them.

Unless you’re personally worth over $1 million dollars, you shouldn’t buy a luxury watch or a luxury bag. Your balance sheet says you can’t afford it. 


Impressive Fence but Not so Much Beyond It

You know those people who put lions on their fence and impressive gates, but they’re unable to heat up the house during the winter months? 

You probably do..

How come you’ve got a Versace gate, but can’t afford to put pavement or at least concrete on the ground?

15 Ways Poor People Try To Look Rich


Name Dropping

You’ve made it when you don’t need an introduction, you don’t need to associate yourself with other people for them to take you seriously. 

Name dropping is by definition: 

Deliberately mentioning someone famous even though it’s not necessary or adds to the core of the point you’re making.

It’s circumstantial or network flexing.

These people never talk about the things they’ve done, but instead try and use other people’s clout to put themselves on a pedestal. 

They want credibility through association.

In our experience, these people are celebrity collectors, they would do anything to add your name to the list and then leverage your credibility somewhere else, all with the purpose of getting themselves access. 

You and everyone else are like a trophy that they like to throw around. 

The only appropriate time to name-drop is if you’re meeting someone new and the person you’re about to name-drop is a close mutual acquaintance or friend. 

A while back we made a video titled: 15 Rules for Being a Gentleman. We strongly encourage you to watch or re-watch it after this article.



You didn’t expect literal money to be a sign of poverty, but that’s the world we’re living in. 

People withdraw their rent or mortgage payment money and carry it around as if it’s pocket change. 

Nobody rich flexes their one dollar bill stack on social media. 

We got a lot of love for Soulja Boy for being one of the first celebrities to subscribe to Alux on youtube, but the money phone situation needs to stop. 

In the words of Jay Z: 

Y’all on the ‘Gram, holding money to your ear,

There’s a disconnect… we don’t call that money over here!

Because actual rich people don’t carry around cash in one dollar bills like a stripper who had a productive night. It’s all in your bank account.

Get this right: If you can actually withdraw in cash all the money you have from the bank, you’re not rich. 

You might not know this, but it can take up to a month for any bank to get you $10 million dollars in cash or more and there’s a waiting period and procedures that need to happen. Not to mention you’re gonna pay a hefty cash withdrawal fee.


They Prioritise Design Over Utility

It’s hilarious to everyone when you do it. 

You girls end up looking like ZAHIA Dehar in the white dress going up the stairs at the Versace show in Paris from several years ago. 

Rich people value quality over design. That’s exactly why most rich people appear to wear boring clothes. Most of these people are actually wearing really expensive brands but they don’t buy the flashy products targeted towards the poor and middle class. 

Instead, there’s a quality driven layer of products most of y’all don’t see on billboards.

As a rule of thumb: The least comfortable something is, the worst you’re gonna feel in it, and people can see comfort. 


They Pretend Entry Level Brands Are Luxury Brands

Pandora, Michael Kors, Coach, Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss are just the tip of the iceberg.

These are all mid-range products targeted to the middle and lower class. These break as easily as fast fashion products, only you pay a big more, because you’re trying to look richer than you actually are. 

We mentioned earlier that there are different tiers of quality luxury brands use. 

There’s more than one VERSACE, you have Versace jeans couture and then actual rich people Versace. 

The same way you have the $100 VALENTINO bags and then there’s the Valentino Garavani where bags are around $3000 each.

Balenciaga, through their status focused marketing, got poor people paying $1000 for mass-produced sneakers.. Money they can barely afford. 

These brands leverage their name recognition to get you to pay more for generic products.

And if you actually meet someone who is wealthy, they can immediately tell that you’re only status signalling without having a proper understanding of the luxury market.

Speaking of brands:


You Are a Walking Billboard for Brands

Who is wearing who?!

Are you wearing the clothes or are the clothes wearing you?

We get the idea that you want to take pride in the fact that you can now afford to buy superior brand products, but a tiny logo or no logo at all is that more impressive. Good design is timeless and quality doesn’t need to yell. 

You can recognise a classic burberry trench coat from a distance without needing to see the iconic pattern. 

When you’re poor, you want the recognition brands give you, because you’re using these brands to go up in the social hierarchy. 

When you’re rich and successful it’s the exact opposite. Who you are as an individual is more valuable than the brand you’re wearing, which is why putting a brand on display would actually cheapen the perception of those around you.

Can you imagine someone like Elon Musk or Bill Gates wearing a full Gucci tracksuit?!

Even more so, we were shocked to find out people leave the tags on, on clothes or products so people know they bought them new.. 

I mean… just… why….


Fancy Place in a Shitty Area

The last item on our list has to do with the environment in which you live. You spend most of your life in and around your home.  When you look out the window, what do you see?

Poor people spend more to get the inside of the house right, while the rich always focus on the view.

Long term it’s better to be the poorest house in a rich neighborhood, than to be the richest house in a poor one.

The environment has this power to shape your future, so use it to your advantage. 


Hopefully, you won’t fall into the trap of any of these 15, but since this is a conversation and we want you to join in: What are some ways poor people try to seem rich?

What do they do? Let us know in the comments!