Popular YouTube Videos of All Time | TOP 10

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Popular YouTube Videos of All Time | TOP 10

Have you ever wondered which the most popular Youtube videos of all time are?

We did and we are happy to present it to you the Popular YouTube Videos of All Time | TOP 10!

You know about youtube right? That amazing site where you can find the most amazing videos. Where you can watch your favorite youtube stars or listen to your favorite music and artist. Everything is possible on the World Wide Web nowadays.

Did you know that Youtube was created by Sir Tim Berners-Lee in February 2005? Owned by Google the site lets us share, upload & watch more video content than ever.

This perfect combination is one of the most popular sites out there and made stars out of celebrities that are now more popular than ever.

Remember that Justin Bieber got discovered thanks to Youtube? Usher saw Justin singing on Youtube and wanted to meet him.

If a video is good it will go viral on all over the web, people from all the countries will be able to see it and that’s how these videos became the most popular Youtube videos of all time.

Right now, on Youtube are hundreds of videos being viewed and uploaded. Now we present you the most popular Youtube videos of all time.

10. Michael Teló -Ai Se Eu Te Pego -574 million views

On number ten is a song that I’m sure you danced on at least once. Ai Se Eu Te Pego (better known as Oh, If I Get You) was produced in 2008 and sang by Michel Teló. Originally sung by Sharon Acioly and Antônio Dyggs the song wasn’t that popular until Michel’s version.

Was a big hit across the world including Latin America, the Brazilian group Cangaia de Jegue, Quebec are just the first countries this song was heard on, because of them Ai Se Eu Te Pego grew for you to hear at your own radio.

The Brazilian singer, mister Teló’s version managed to record more than 574 million views.

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