Most Potent Alcoholic Cocktails | Top 10

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Most Potent Alcoholic Cocktails | Top 10

Are you ready to try some of the most potent alcoholic cocktails?

These colorful drinks are something we all love. There’s a cocktail for every occasion. There’s a cocktail in every color and flavor. And there are these 10 cocktails which we like to call them ‘extreme cocktails’.

For those of you who don’t like to spend their money for a drink which has a low percentage oh alcohol, Ealuxe gives you a helping hand.

We present the 10 most potent alcoholic cocktails. Warning! These are not the weak hearted!

10Asterix Cocktail

We being our top list with Finland Asterix cocktail.

The original recipe features 2/3 ounces each of Finlandia vodka and Pisang Ambon liquer, 6 parts apple juice, 1.6 parts lemon juice and some lemonade.
When made with stronger vodka, it can climb the scale on a sprint.

The alcoholic quotient can be increased by substituting the vodka that is on the upper end of the 100 proof scale. And this whole cocktail measures an 8 proof on the alcoholic scale.

If you still think this isn’t strong enough for you, try adding New Jersey’s Devil springs vodka, which is 160 proof! That’ll teach you!

Most Potent Alcoholic Cocktails  Top 10 10. Asterix Cocktail
Most Potent Alcoholic Cocktails Top 10 10. Asterix Cocktail
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