Purpose of Wealth (5): Legacy

25 April 2021

Who Doesn’t Want To Build and Leave Behind a Legacy? Here Is How Wealth Can Help You Do That.

Hello Aluxers and welcome back to the final episode of our 5 part series on the purpose of wealth

We all want our lives to have meaning, to leave behind more than we took and to know that because of us, even in the slightest, the world is better than we found it.

The final purpose of wealth is to facilitate you build your legacy. 

So what is legacy if not eternal impact?!

Legacy is when you’re silent but your presence is felt.

It comes from the highest form of impact one can have.

The thing is, you don’t set out to build a legacy, it happens as a result of your pursuit of adding value. The more you think about it, the more you realise it’s the same with success and even money. 

All of them come after you do good work; people take notice.

As always, here is the video version of this article:

With that out of the way, lets move forward to the first type of legacy:

Legacy Through Example

You’re writing your legacy every single day, be aware of what you’re writing!

How can an individual be himself if all he does is be like everyone else? You see, there are two ways to go through life: 1 by getting on the train of life and riding it in your cabin until the day you die 

And 2. By walking, swimming and riding your way to the final destination we call death. We all get to the same destination, but the value lies in the journey. 

The second option is always more interesting than living your life on autopilot.

That’s how new roads come to be. Someone like you decides to create a new path for themselves and the world is paying attention. 

If you do it successfully, soon others will decide to walk the same path, but there needs to be the trailblazer, the risk taker, the one who enters the tall grass not knowing what awaits. 

You can’t build legacies by being like everyone else or doing what everyone else is doing… 

As the people early in the comments know, there’s only 1 reward for being first, everyone else is a follower. The world remembers those who were first, those who were first to do it right.. Those who are first to take everyone else somewhere we’ve never been.

The purpose of wealth is to make sure the legacy you’re writing is worth reading! And by doing this, your story is worth saving, for the next type of legacy has to do with Saving everything of value!

Legacy Through Preservation

What is the purpose of life if not spending it on that which will outlast you!

The more you look back, the more you realise that the only things we’re seeing is what others have left for us that was able to withstand the test of time. 

Preservation of value is key!

There’s value in knowledge preserved in books, there’s value in art and the way it makes us feel, there’s value in architecture and the way we build the future based on it… 

There’s value in diversity, diversity of humans, of animals, of species…

Save it all… before we’re unable to save anything.

The purpose of wealth is to give us all a fighting chance to save everything, including ourselves.

Allow all of it to thrive and we will thrive because of it. We draw value from it all and if one is paying attention, in the last century we’ve been sacrificing the long game for short term rewards. 

If you want to build a legacy, keep in mind to save what needs saving and rid ourselves of that which doesn’t serve society.

Which takes us to the 3rd form of legacy:

Social Legacy

Legacy is what you’re not doing for yourself, but for everyone coming up next!

The world rewards those brave enough to correct it. 

In a world augmented by creative ideas there is no need for hierarchies! 

We don’t need a cast system, we don’t need race, sex, religion, height, eye color, or political afiliation to stop us from progress. 

It doesn’t matter if we are or are not created equal, for what the world needs is: EQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITY!

Anyone from anywhere in the world could build the future through the value of their ideas. 

There’s a big difference between equality of outcome and equality of opportunity. 

One leads to society collapsing and one to society thriving.

It’s those who are fighting for the latter who are able to build a social legacy for themselves.

It’s the prophets it’s the activists for change it’s those of you who do not let abuse go by without addressing it.

It’s not what you leave behind for other people, it’s what you leave in people!

Social legacy comes from the sacrifice of the self for the benefit of everyone else and that’s exactly what we see in the people who have managed to garner Social Legacy. 

The purpose of wealth is not to turn you into a freedom fighter, but to give aid to those whose mission is the minimization of suffering in all its forms. 

Unfortunately, one can not choose to retreat and stand-by, for sometimes not doing the right thing is what allows the bad thing to thrive.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing!

The world is changing fast, so you’re either going to ride the wave of change, or might drown with it. 

And the best way to secure your legacy is through being the one who brings on the new wave.

Legacy Through Innovation

You’ve been referencing Gandhi earlier and there’s a quote of his that drives this point perfectly:

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win!

They did the same to Elon and the world will probably do the same to you… Every innovator is in one of those 4 brackets

Are they fighting you, laughing at you, are they ignoring you or did you win? If not yet, keep playing the game until you do.

Legacy is when you need no introduction, people know you because you’ve touched their life in a positive way and because of it your reputation precedes you.

The world remembers the innovators!

You want to be wealthy and leave behind a legacy:


Who cares what they think if you can prove it?! So prove it. Prove them wrong. If it doesn’t exist yet, then build it. 

Put your mind where your mouth is and the world would thank you and tip its hat towards you.

Use your wealth to innovate and your legacy will be long lived.

A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit.

Your innovations might be the stepping stone for future generations.

We need innovators, we need game-changers. We need people to throw out the status-quo and bring us into the future.

If you want to know more interesting things about the most famous innovator of present time, Elon Musk, check out 10 Interesting Facts about Elon Musk.

Which brings us to the last on on the list:

Legacy by Domino

If innovation relies on figuring out a new solution to an old problem, this can not happen without DISCOVERY

Discovery is the first domino piece in a chain that takes us to places we didn’t know we wanted to go.

The personal computer was an incredible innovation, but it was only after we connected to the internet that we realised just how big of an impact it can have. But without the computer, we wouldn’t have been able to build the internet.

Without the internet, we wouldn’t have built blockchain. 

LEGACY comes from this layer or domino style of thinking. 

Everyone who gets rich and makes fortunes relies on one of these new layers to begin his legacy. 

IBM with the computer, Bill Gates with Software, Steve Jobs with the Iphone, Sergey with Google, Vitalik with Ethereum and now people are build on top of that.

That’s where the saying 

We are standing on the shoulders of giants!

Comes from, and you’ve got plenty of giants that did the heavy lifting for us.

If you don’t have wealth, use the most recent layer to build your fortune and then use said wealth to open up the future for what’s coming next.

We might end up living in virtual worlds, exploring space and bending time. We might live happily ever after once we transcend to gods and live eternally as code and today is part of that journey…


You are part of that journey… so ask yourself: What is your legacy? What will the world remember you by? How can you help build a better tomorrow?!

Hopefully, this article has served its purpose as a domino piece in your journey and we can’t wait to hear where it takes you.