Purpose of Wealth (2): Security

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    It May Sound Unusual to You, But Wealth Can Provide You a Lot of Security. Find Out How Money Protects You in Different Ways.

    Hello Aluxers and welcome back to the part 2 of our Purpose of Wealth series. If this is the first time you’re reading, we recommend you start with part 1.

    Wealth is a topic that fascinates a lot of us as it goes beyond just money. If last time we discussed wealth as a facilitator of freedom, today we will discuss wealth in a different light, one of protection, of safety nets and more.

    Since our early days, the one that survived the storm carried their genes forward and in time we understood just how important shelter & survival are. Every living being out there wants survival for themselves and for their offspring, with most being willing to sacrifice themselves as a last layer of protection for the new generation.

    Today we’ll discuss the role of wealth in this process of survival and protection.

    As always, here is the video version of this article:

    With that said, let’s move on to the first type of security which is also the most obvious one:

    Physical Security

    Where through wealth one can directly protect the health of those sitting under the wealth umbrella.

    This is why wealth gives the bearer a great unfair advantage, it gives you that slight edge that might allow you to escape death’s grip where others wouldn’t be able to.

    The most direct example is medical costs, where you don’t have to start a gofund me hoping to go viral in order to take care of your childs’ surgery. You just pay for the best medical treatment your wealth can buy. Money buys you a fighting chance.

    This is why rich people buy expensive SUVs.

    If you get in a car accident and you’re in a VOLVO or a TESLA, your chances of survival are slightly better than if you were driving a less secure car. Rich people understand this and leverage their fortunate position to protect themselves and those they love. 

    In terms of Physical security, you can even look beyond that, where wealthy individuals move their families out of less safe environments. While the average person is stuck in the environment they’re born in, the rich, through the power of wealth, simply pick their families up and move everyone across the world to get their families out of harm’s way.

    As an individual you are responsible for your own physical security and that of your inner circle.

    No matter the dimension of your wealth, you should carefully consider how to deploy a good portion of it to provide financial security. 

    It’s a long term insurance policy that you don’t want to skip on.

    Immediately after the one where you actually die, is the next type of security that wealth can facilitate:

    Security From Poverty

    And all that comes with it.. All the pain and sometimes misery.

    We are hierarchical creatures and although money doesn’t buy you happiness, it can get rid of a lot of sources of unhappiness.

    Wealth is meant to solve this for you, it’s there to make sure you and those you care about will never return to a deficitary state where you have to worry about keeping the lights on, heating or putting food on the table.

    This is the fundamental reason why you should focus on building wealth apart from building lifestyle – it’s also why you see famous people go broke – they’re so tied up in maintaining the lifestyle that the cost of opportunity results in them sacrificing wealth.

    The secret is, you can actually achieve both, but you need to build wealth first and allow wealth to pay for your lifestyle.

    What would happen if you became incapacitated and unable to work for the next 12 months? Would your family be ok? How much of your lifestyle will be impacted?

    Maybe poverty isn’t an immediate worry for the majority of you, but what about debt?

    Today’s society runs on debt, almost everyone out there has this gloomy dark cloud of debt following them everywhere they do.. Can you imagine having this burden off your shoulders? To know that you are free?!

    We know what is like growing up and not having much.. And the pain and harm – the lack of something so trivial as money has caused us.. This is why we’ve made it our mission to never get back in that space..

    Wealth protects you from ever feeling like this ever again. It prevents financial emergencies and provides you with more security.

    A common mistake people make is believing that a well paying job is the same as security from poverty, but they are mistaking.

    They lied to you, but they lied because they didn’t know any better. 

    They told you that in order to be rich and successful in life you will need a well paying job. 

    This is not true.

    Nobody gets rich working for someone else. 

    In order to build wealth you need to OWN things that appreciate in value rapidly!

    If you want to defeat poverty and build wealth, check out 15 Steps to Force Your Way Out of Poverty.

    Which brings us to the next type of security:

    Security Through Diversification

    If you want to be rich, you need to own a business.. Parts of other businesses.. Real estate.. In demand commodities or – what is commonly referred to as – STORES of VALUE: like bitcoin, art or gold.

    By the way: if you go to alux.com/bitcoin you can learn how to get started with crypto and invest in Bitcoin while the price is still low at under 100,000 dollars.

    For as long as you can remember, wealthy individuals in history were pictured as having incredible amounts of gold, that’s why treasure chests were filled with gold coins.

    The true purpose of wealth is to completely remove the financial burden from the individual and provide him security. 

    The only way to truly achieve this, is by having multiple sources of income independent from you.

    If there’s one thing you remember from this entire series on wealth we’re doing is this: As long as you live, if you will manage to create multiple sources of income that do not rely on your input to generate income, you will be free, rich and never have to worry about money.

    This type of diversification of income is the most advanced type of financial security. 

    It’s super important because it protects you for the next type of event.

    Security From Black Swan Events

    For those of you who’ve never heard the term before, A black swan event refers to something that is statistically unlikely to happen, but does happen every once in a while… Leave a comment below if you didn’t know black swans existed. 

    The pandemic was a black swan event for example. The poor – the ones with no financial security were the hardest hit. 

    We’ve all heard Ellen complain about how terrible the quarantine is from her 27 million dollar compound and access to high quality medication 24/7.

    Wealth gives you the power to combat that 1 in a million rare illness that costs fortunes to treat.

    Wealth gives you the unfair advantage to be ok when everybody else would be in complete panic mode.

    It’s the ship you have in your backyard knowing damn well that at some point the flood will come, especially since you’ve seen the clouds be different more recently. 

    And lastly,

    Social Security

    And no, we’re not talking about your social security number..

    By Social Security we mean putting distance between you and the harm society can cause you.

    Discrimination is playing an incredibly nefarious role in our society and to some degree, wealth can shelter you from it. Success, fame and wealth serve the same purpose: security through elevation.

    Wealth goes beyond your skin tone, your accent or your birthplace. It levels the playing field among the participants and it’s hard to look down on someone who’s wealthier than you. 

    Unless you screw everything up on an incredible scale, through wealth you will be fine. 

    The purpose of wealth is to protect you against any type of hard, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. 

    If you want your kids to be safe and have financial security, become wealthy!


    Which is why we’re now passing the question onto you: What is one time in your life where wealth could’ve bought you security, but you didn’t have it?!

    Let us know in the comments!

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