Range Rover Evoque Convertible Soon Out

6 September 2013

Range Rover Evoque Convertible Soon Out

The first soft-top Range Rover Evoque Convertible in the world has taken to the road prior to its official unveiling.

The hawk-eyed car connoisseurs have noted the sleek Evoque Convertible that purrs through London days before its premier at the Geneva Motor Show.

The elegant 4X4 that was out by summer was viewed shining in the sun speeding through the streets of London. When it comes to perspective, the Convertible is definitely the one to score.

The manufacturers have said however that the convertible is merely a concept and they have no plans for turning the car into a full time production model.

The makers were ready to make it the show stopper in the showrooms. It is expected that the Jaguar Land Rover will be flooded with inquiries from WAGs through the UK. At present, the company is seeing a highly successful phase – as seen ever in its history despite the financial crackdown. The Midlands giant had revenues increase by 41% in the final quarter of £3.75billion, thanks to growth in Russia and China.

The Baby Range Rover has received booking orders of 60000 already, with 50000 Evoques built. It is expected that the cabriolet version will be anywhere from £35000 to £50000 depending on its trim level once it takes to the road.

Range Rover Evoque Convertible Range Rover Evoque Convertible Range Rover Evoque Convertible Range Rover Evoque Convertible

Star of the Geneva Motor Show

Whether it is France or the US, the Range Rover Evoque Convertible is expected to be a huge hit. The drizzly climate of Britain will however necessitate putting down the roof. The original Range Rover Evoque was launched in September 2011 and it has received a series of accolades. However, this time on, the bosses decided to go topless.

There’s a two-seater bench seat at the back too. In an attempt to please potential buyers in the US and Europe the manufacturers have not underplayed the export potential of the car. According to Jaguar Land Rover, the Evoque Convertible is the first premium convertible SUV.



Being premium, the car is distinguished from the rest of its kind like the rugged workhorse 4X4 Jeep or the open Land Rovers like the safaris. The Geneva prototype is being hailed as a ‘design study’ to estimate the market reaction, although insiders believe that the car is about to go under production at the Merseyside Halewood factory.

The plant that usually manufactures the standard Evoque has also been tipped with £100 million for doubling the factory size, creating as many as 1500 new jobs.

With the soft-top convertible, the car is similar to the Range Rover Evoque Coupe, with a completely retractable roof system offering rollover protection for safety, which is a standard of the Jaguar sports car, the XK. The cabriolet is blended with versatility and functionality with a dropping tailgate and a unique four seat package.

With a command driving position and capacity to operate on all terrains, the car boasts a 2.2 liter diesel engine and surround cameras, ‘terrain response’ technology and user friendly touch screen. With more than 90 international awards in its kitty, the Evoque Convertible is surely headed to the top.

Here’s a video of the launch:

Here are some pictures of the car:

Range Rover Evoque Convertible Range Rover Evoque Convertible Range Rover Evoque Convertible Range Rover Evoque Convertible Range Rover Evoque Convertible Range Rover Evoque Convertible Range Rover Evoque Convertible
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