15 Reality Shows Entrepreneurs Will Love

2 February 2021

Finding an Educational Business Show to Watch Can Be a Task Sometimes. Here Is a List of 15 Such Shows Worth Watching.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned professional, these business TV shows are perfect for entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes.

Some are fictional, laden with truth and reality, while others are reality, laden with truth and fiction.

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Workin’ Moms

Parenting is a balancing act; you feel like a juggler who’s not very good at their job and continually dropping their balls.

Returning to work after kids has some parents racing for the door to get some peace and quiet, while others are tearing up and phoning home every 10 minutes to tell their baby how much they’re missed.

Workin’ Moms cuts through thee all too florally bull sh*t that parents post on social media and tell it like it is… fu*king difficult. So this series not only shows the stress of trying to be mom, partner, co-worker, boss – but also highlights the fast-paced, highly competitive workplace.

It’s worth a watch because even the most hard-assed mom entrepreneurs will be able to relate to the common scenarios, that when looked at with humour makes it seem bearable and that the emotional roller-coaster, you’re on, is 100% normal and ok. 


Planet of the Apps

We love the clever thinking behind the name of the show, and for that reason alone we’d watch it.

It’s similar to Shark Tank except it’s for software developers. So they have 60-seconds to pitch their app to 4 judges, who are Will I Am, aka William Adams, Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow and Gary Vaynerchuk.

We won’t sugar coat it. The show only lasted a season, but it’s definitely worth a watch. You’re probably wondering why it’s worth a watch if it only ran for a season, and that’s because if you’re an entrepreneur, it’s going to offer a reminder of what not to do!

You watch the show about Apps in an App, through Apple Music and in case you momentarily weren’t thinking of any Apple product, this show will suffocate you with all things Apple. The show was criticized by pretty much everyone, including Business Insider who said, “Planet of the Apps simply isn’t a good show – and the real shame here is that Apple has produced 9 more episodes.”


Silicon Valley

Business TV shows don’t come as raw as this one anymore. From one tech show to another, this one is loosely based on legit companies and personalities. So it gives fabulous insight into the tech industry and offers a pretty accurate representation of life and work in Silicon Valley.

Like Bertram Gilfoyle aptly puts it, “It’s not magic. It’s talent and sweat.”

We recommend this series because it shows the ins and outs of turning a good idea into a profitable business, with all the drama that one expects along the way and some…. Especially with the main character, Richard Hendricks, completely lacking in every aspect of turning an idea into a business. So let’s be honest, Aluxers, we all start off like the Richard’s of the world.

But there is always hope… and if you subscribe to our channel, we’ll keep you updated and informed of how to change your ideas into a business that makes you money.


Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened

Dubbed the “biggest entrepreneurial disaster in millennial history,” is another must-see that will graphically demonstrate what any entrepreneur should not do.

1 – Do not lie.

2 – Don’t not deliver on your promises.

3 – Don’t steal investor’s money.

4 – Don’t be a serial fraudster.

5 – Know what you’re actually doing, if not – hire people who do.

The show brilliantly demonstrates how influencer marketing can completely backfire and despite initial big names backing the event. Stars like Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Emily Ratajkowski, and Bella Hadid, the touted supermodel luxury festival ended up being a complete sh*t show.

Billy McFarland, CEO of Fyre Media Inc, and rapper Ja Rule will never live this one down because promises of the best food, champagne, and entertainment turned into cold cheese sandwiches and wet bedding are disappointment.


Bar Rescue

Let’s be honest, Fyre could have done with some serious intervention from Bar Rescue. The radical business transformations on this show are worth the watch, plus you’ll be upping your own home bar game dramatically.

The show brings in nightclub expert, Job Taffer, who takes failing bars and transforms them within 3-days. It can be extremely intimidating for the bar-owners, as secret cameras are hidden within the bar, capturing every move of the running thereof.

Then, at some point, Taffer makes a grand entrance and catches owners or staff during unprofessional dealings with customers or each other.

The show doesn’t just make a bar cool but they really investigate all the aspects of what would make that bar successful. Demographics, people’s budgets, what brands suit that demographic, and what menu items will sell well.

The added bonus is that the show does a follow-up with the bar to ensure that the business has ultimately improved, and that owners have taken the advice and hard work to heart.



What is the true price of the products you buy?

Broken confirms that there is a price tag attached to the low price.

What is it?

Broke is one of the business TV shows that release standalone investigative episodes. They go into the behind the scenes of the manufacturing processes of various products. These include make-up that contains horse urine, super glue, and carcinogens, e-cigarettes, plastics and furniture.

The shows reveal the dark side of these industries and will inspire the entrepreneur and the consumer to make better buying choices that they won’t drive by price.

It highlights consumer culture, globalism, mass production and brand desire. If you want to know more about why buying right the first time is the far better option in the long run, we highly recommend you watch our video:



Perhaps this is one of those business TV shows too close to home for some. This web drama series features a controversial cryptocurrency startup – and despite a mixed response for the first season, its subsequently gained a loyal following.

Angel Investors, buyouts, and seed money… each episode will leave you desperate to start the next one.

Again, while not every show is entirely real, the situations and challenges that unfolds are relatable to many.

There’s another K-Series garnering plenty of attention too, which is also called StartUp. Its worth a watch, because viewers have said the series shares valuable lessons like, “Constructive criticism is essential in improvement,” and “Following your dreams is a big risk to take, but one that’s always worth it.”

If you’ve watched it, we’d love to hear your views on it and if you would recommend it to other Aluxers.

If you want to increase your knowledge about cryptocurrency before getting into the show, you can check out 15 Reasons Why Crypto is Gold 2.0.


Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Sushi and Jiro Ono go hand-in-hand. He’s considered the greatest living sushi chef of all time. And the time this video was released, he was 95-years old! That can only be credited to all the fresh fish he has eaten over his lifetime.

This documentary film follows his life, and how he managed to earn 3 Michelin stars for 12-years!

With a 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it is labelled “Beautiful, thoughtful, and engrossing.”

Sadly, if you thought of heading to the “world’s best sushi restaurant” after watching the doccie, it has been closed to the public. So they are only taking reservations from the public, celebs and “special connections.” This decision has made the restaurant lose its status on the Michelin guide.


Restaurant Impossible

It would be interesting to hear what Robert Irvine would suggest to Jiro Ono regarding his decision to keep his restaurant closed to the public. Who knows, there might come a time when Irvine would need to intervene…

But that’s what Restaurant Impossible is all about, chef and restaurant owner Robert Irvine spends 2-days in failing restaurants with a budget of $10,000, and transforms them into successful eating establishments that people want to go do.

Often, failures in the restaurant industry are due to problems with the owners – arrogance, little passion, fighting, ego, and lack of skill. These play a much bigger role than what you order to eat and décor. They matter too but come in secondary.

And Irvine knows what he’s doing. As he says, “I always worked in institutions, I never had a restaurant of my own before, but I have opened over 30 hotels, restaurants and casinos. I understand what it takes to keep them running.” There are business TV shows that entrepreneurs should not miss, and this one hangs somewhere at the top of that list.


Girl Boss

Based on an autobiography, the series lead actor is Sophia Amoruso. The CEO and founder of Nasty Girl, a clothing range for young women.

It only lasted a season, for various reasons. Many critics felt that it didn’t focus on her flaws and almost drew on her narcissistic traits and superiority complex.  

Again, lessons learnt are not always what you envision. When Netflix bought the rights for Girl Boss, the company was still solvent. Later, a lawsuit emerged claiming that 4 employees were let go just before they began maternity leave. Which doesn’t work well if your brand is meant to depict female empowerment.

The company – once with a price tag of over $200 million – gets a deal for $20 million.


Shark Tank

It’s a show that needs little introduction, and we love it for a plethora of reasons. In a nutshell, entrepreneurs pitch their products to investors. So if the investor sees potential, they’ll invest their own money in the product.

It’s a true reflection on how stressful and challenging it can be to pitch a product and the importance of knowing and understanding the financial side of your business too.

The series helps provide an infrastructure for the entrepreneurs which assists in everything needed to make a successful business. Branding, eCommerce, manufacturing and business management.

Some of the best success stories from the show include the Squatty Potty, Tipsy Elves, and Simply Fit Board. 

If you want to learn some worthy business lessons from this hit series, watch our video: 


Tabatha Takes Over

A struggling gay bar, dog parlour, frozen yoghurt parlour and multiple hair salons have all had the much-needed help of Tabatha.

Tabatha Coffey is a former contestant of Shear Genius, another reality TV series that focused on hair styling. Much like the baking and cooking reality shows, contestants would have a limited amount of time to style hair and would be judged accordingly.

Tabatha and the owner of the small businesses sit down and watch surveillance tapes of the business in action and inevitably will pick up several problems. But she then “tours” the business and the filthy, unsanitary work setups that she finds, leave her horrified.

She’s got whipping these small businesses into shape down pat. So these kinds of business TV shows are ideal for startups.


Selling LA

According to livabl.com – The Los Angeles housing market gained $262 billion in value last year.

LA is the 2nd most valuable residential estate market in the US, coming in behind New York. Selling LA features some of the region’s real estate brokers and their journey on landing a client, closing a deal and everything in between. The show follows 3 firms and their millionaire clients, their impressive properties and the competitive nature of sealing the deal.

These clients are difficult, expect a lot, are extremely discerning, selective and we won’t lie – f*cking hard work to please.

Love real estate? You’ll love this show!


Hotel Hell

What’s a reality show for entrepreneurs without featuring Gordon Ramsey? Yep, the same guy who says things like, ““I wouldn’t trust you running a bath let alone a restaurant”. Or… “This is a really tough decision…’cause you’re both crap.” Well, he didn’t just throw insults to chefs, because he had a fair amount to share with hoteliers.

This one, however, is a bit milder and it does give the viewer a bird’s eye view to the behind the scenes happenings of the hospitality industry. So critics like his transformations and he does leave the establishment with useful skills to improve their business.

Aluxers, there is one major downside to the show though… you’ll never feel quite comfortable staying in a hotel after watching it, because you’ll be acutely aware of how filthy many of them are.


Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates

Who is Bill Gates at the core? We’ll never really know, but this docuseries gives you a good idea. It’s a 3-part doccie that gives you a feel for his philanthropic nature. Not just that, but also his family and the subjects close to his heart. While this doesn’t belong with the business TV shows, but it still is a series not to miss. It is as real as it gets as it captures the man who is undeniably a giant businessman of modern times.

It features interviews from his 2 sisters, his friends, co-workers, and the late Paul Allen and his wife.

One viewer described the series as an “eye-opener to health, sanitation and climate issues/problems in the world.” And another said, “we get to know his character and way of thinking; his so-called “Think Week” and the kinds of books he reads.”

And speaking of books, be sure to watch our video, 15 Books Bill Gates Thinks Everyone Should Read.  And if you’d like to listen to one, just head to Audible.com and take advantage of our free book!


Aluxers, which business TV shows did you enjoy the most? And which series did you learn the most from? We’d love to hear from you!