Really Cool Glass Houses

31 March 2014

Really Cool Glass Houses

If you never get bored to admire the impressive design of a glass house, you should check out these Really Cool Glass Houses.

The advantage of a glass house is given by the views it can offer. From inside a glass house, you will always get to see something nice when you look through the window. Or windows in this case.

Apart from being always so bright and feeling dreamlike at night, they also look amazing. So let’s see some of the coolest designed glass houses.

Experimental Mirror HouseReally Cool Glass Houses.Really Cool Glass Houses.Really Cool Glass Houses.

Really Cool Glass Houses.Really Cool Glass Houses.One of the most interesting ideas I ever saw in home designing. Architects from  Johan Selbing Architecture did something amazing in Almere, The Netherlands and called it Cache-Cache.

Really Cool Glass Houses.The mirror house was designed for a competition to create a home with a strong connection to its environment, and this one certainly reflects its surroundings – literally.

Really Cool Glass Houses.The structure is a simple, flat roofed volume clad entirely in reflective glass which echoes the leafy trees around it, while also blocking the views in without blocking the views out.

Inside, the compact house boasts a simple layout that lives larger than its square footage dictates.

Indoor Outdoor Home Sheltered by Concrete LeavesReally Cool Glass Houses.

This creative family home is designed by SJK Architects and they called it The Leaf House. It was built in the coastal town of Alibaug, India at the base of the hills and away from the sea.

leeafThe land is lush with coconut, mango and neem trees. The sun rises on the eastern hills and when SJK Architects first saw the site it was strewn with leaves.

leaffThe visual of the leaves became the muse for the final design of the building. Great example of how nature can inspire human art.

Glass Countryside Homeglass-countryside-home-sustainable-1

Designed by Netherlands architecture firm 123DV, this contemporary glass house is amazing inside out.

countryySet in the countryside, the ultra modern linear silhouette is a far cry from its timber-framed farmhouse neighbors.

Really Cool Glass Houses.Inside and out, this look is clean and contemporary, and another interesting feature is one you can’t see outright – it’s self sustaining!

Glass House ZigzagsReally Cool Glass Houses.

In San Francisco, there is a house designed by Fougeron Architecture that has certainly turned residential architecture on its head!

Like many homes in the San Francisco area, this vertically oriented house suffered a disconnect between its multiple levels and its awesome urban surroundings.

Really Cool Glass Houses.The architects set out to create a unified house design with a connection to the outside environment.

Panorama House DesignReally Cool Glass Houses.

I saved this for the end because it is truly amazing and I know you will immediately want to own it.

Really Cool Glass Houses.Designed by the Australian architecture firm Maria Gigney Architects, it was once a brick cottage and redesigned into a modern, fully glazed panorama house design.

Really Cool Glass Houses.It invites nature in through expansive glazing and outdoor entertaining areas being the ultimate vantage point for taking in the breathtaking vistas of water and sky, with the city skyline twinkling in the distance.

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