Reasons Why Rich & Famous People Live in Monaco

12 April 2016

Monaco: A Rich Habitat of Rich People. Find Out Why They Choose to Live in Monaco.

Monaco is a small city-state in Western Europe. But it holds the first rank of world’s richest in terms of GDP per capita (with $132,571). It means the people who live in Monaco are averagely the richest people in the world.

This city state is popularly known as the residence of rich and famous people. The world’s most expensive sport (Formula 1) driver Jenson Button, the current world’s number one tennis player Novak Djokovic, and the 1973’s James Bond Sir Roger Moore are among many famous people who live in Monaco.

So what makes this city-state become a popular choice of residence among those people? The answers vary from many different perspectives.

We gathered 10 most common reasons why rich and famous people from across the world choose to live in Monaco permanently. Get ready for the temptation!

10. Holds World Class Events

Reasons Why Rich & Famous People Live in Monaco F1 Grand Prix
Formula 1 Grand Prix Monte Carlo, Monaco | source: grandprixevents.com

Monaco’s event calendar is packed with world class events. From music concerts to sport events, you can find them all in Monaco, especially Monte Carlo.

Currently ongoing from April 10th to 17th is ATP Monte Carlo Tennis Tournament. An additional advantage to one of Monaco residents who is competing in the tournament, Novak Djokovic.

Another athlete who gets that advantage is F1 Driver, Jenson Button. In June, he will compete in F1 Monte Carlo Grand Prix. The Monte Carlo race track is a road that can be accessed by public during off race. Jenson probably drives there every day.

These two world sport events are just some of the events held in Monaco. For some people, perhaps Novak and Jenson too, these events are one of the main reasons why they choose to live in Monaco.

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