Reasons Why Rich & Famous People Live in Monaco

12 April 2016

8. Has Warm-Summer Climate

Reasons Why Rich & Famous People Live in Monaco Climate
Warm-Summer Climate of Monaco | source: fassinoimmobiliare.com

Most rich people choose secluded beach as their getaway destination. The unspoiled natural beauty, the warmth of the sun, all wrapped in cozy summer climate. Those are what they are looking for.

Monaco provides all of that just a few feet away from their doorstep. Monaco has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate as the influence of both oceanic climate and humid subtropical climate.

During winter season, Monaco becomes rainy but still warm. The temperatures never drop below 20 degrees Celsius. Snowfall is extremely rare. It may occur once or twice every ten years.

This kind of climate becomes popular, not just among people who live in cold area but also among the whole earth population in general. This is another reason why rich people choose to live in Monaco instead of other rich country.

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