15 Reasons Why the UK Is Perfect for Millionaires

16 May 2016

13. Britain is notorious for its deeply entrenched class system, and though it’s on the way out, the super-rich like to be part of it.

Millionaires in the UK chauffeur
Image via Jean-Christophe MARMARA/Le Figaro

It could be debated all day whether or not there is still a British class system and whether it matters or not, but one thing is for certain – wherever millionaires in the UK go, domestic service follows.

Having a title doesn’t guarantee you have the funds for a team of waiting staff and maids anymore, just cold, hard cash. Who else is going to clean the 10 bedrooms in that palatial Kensington mansion? High-end domestic staff recruitment agencies are providing training for more and more unusual services, such as how to perform silver service on a yacht, thanks to all these rich people moving in.

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