Reasons Why You Should Visit Japan

25 November 2014

Reasons Why You Should Visit Japan

If you enjoy traveling, fine living and luxury then Japan is definitely a place you should consider visiting.

Ealuxe offers you a list of 5 reasons why you should visit Japan.

The Land of the Rising Sun has the most extraordinary contrasts between ancient culture and luxurious life style.

If you have the possibility to visit this amazing country than you should not have second thoughts.

From traditional gardens to expensive accommodations, from spectacular landscapes to the famous shinkansen , Japan has it all.

We picked a couple of 5 reasons that make Japan a “must” for any travel enthusiast:

#1 Historycal Landmarks

Whether we are talking about the Daitokuji Temple or the famous Daibutsu of Kamakura, Japan is one of the few places where you can truly see the glimpse of past generations .

Reasons Why You Should Visit Japan
Daitokuji Temple

#2  The Japanse Festivals

No one knows exactly how many festivals take place in Japan every year but a good estimate is around 100.000. This means that the chances for you to miss one are really low.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Japan
Mid Autumn Festival, Beijing

#3 The Famous Japanese Cuisine

Nothing says Japan more than a some well made tofu sushi rolls and what better way to experience this tasteful delight than to visit the country.


#4 Tech and IT

Japan is the world leader in technology. The Japanese technological innovation can be considered a part of the culture itself. And if you are more interested in unique gadgets and robot versions for pretty much everything, then they got you covered.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Japan

#5 The Japanese Culture

This is probably the reason why most of the people would consider visiting Japan. And it’s a heck of a reason !

This fairy tale land combines rich culture, jaw-dropping landscapes and extraordinary people with an incredible sense of progression into one civilization that has amazed the world.  There is simply nothing like it.


In other words, Japan has earn its rights to be in anyone’s bucket list. There are thousands of reasons why you should visit Japan, probably enough to write a book. 

I hope you enjoyed our article and stay tuned for more !