Red Bull is a Leading Brand: 15 Reasons Why

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Red Bull GmbH is one of the world renowned companies. Do you know that they are building a kingdom in the motor world?

As you may have already known, Red Bull has been producing energy drink since over thirty years ago. The founder of the company, Dietrich Mateschitz, was inspired by Krating Daeng, similar energy drink he tasted in Thailand. In fact, they have the same logo.

Surprise, surprise. Red Bull is just the energy drink. So, what makes it so special that its logo are scattered all over the world?

One could argue, there is one simple answer to that: its inventive marketing strategy. You will see some of them on this list. The main strategy is sponsoring many kinds of sport on land, water, and air.

Red Bull does not just sponsor sporting events or teams. The company really puts efforts into it and commits to both the sports and the technologies within. We highlight fifteen among those which are related to vehicles.

15. BMX

15 Proofs Red Bull Rules the Landcraft, Watercraft, and Aircraft World | #15. BMX
15 Proofs Red Bull Rules the Landcraft, Watercraft, and Aircraft World | #15. BMX | source:

Red Bull has been sponsoring many BMX athletes in many prestigious events, both racing and freestyle. Nowadays, it even has its own BMX events, such as the Red Bull Rampage which will be held this October. This event is the world’s premier free-ride mountain bike event. And this year will be its consecutive 11th edition.

As a proof to its commitment to the sport, Red Bull does not just sponsor one BMX event. The company is involved in all kinds of it, such as dirt, flatland, park, race, ramp, and street.

In total, there are twenty Red-Bull-sponsored BMX riders, including Corey Bohan, Garrett Reynolds, and Marjana Pajon.

Red Bull is also known for its great marketing content within the sport. For example, you can watch a how-to video about building your own backyard pump track on the company’s official website.

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