Red is the new black | Fall Winter 2014

10 September 2013

Red is the new black | Fall Winter 2014

Red is the new black | Fall Winter 2014 | New entries ! More spectacular than ever, the new season trends bring in fore-front the flaming red, futuristic materials and bold prints.

We present you the trends that can’t be missed !
Sensual, iconic, feminine: red has won the accolade of the womanliest colour for decades, and in 2014, it is also the fashion colour of your choice. Magazines and celebrities have embraced the trend, and women from everywhere take heed of this advice: red is the new black.

 fw-13-14-warm_1-fashion-color-trends Red is the new black | Fall Winter 2014

If there’s one thing that has emerged from the Fall Winter 2014 catwalks and magazines its that red is the colour to wear this autumn. Demure on brunettes, bombshell-ish on blondes, red is the color that suits every type of woman, bringing in front her femininity and sensuality.From coats to lace dresses and sensual red accessories, there are a lot to choose from in the most passionate of hues.

fall_winter_2013_2014_color_trends_pantone_samba_red Red is the new black | Fall Winter 2014

Why we love it ?

What’s winter without a big hit of color? Red is the new black and we’ve known it for a while now! Even if all that white may scare you, you know you can succeed with a red dress anytime. Fiery red is a mood elevator . It can boost confidence and make you feel in control. You should try it !

How to wear it ?

Whatever you choose, keep hair sleek and lips neutral because if you choose a red lipstick that might be too much, and step out in nude or black shoes that won’t distract. Resist to stop at just a pop–a long line of color is often visually slimming and stunning.

Dolce-Gabbana-Fall-Winter-2013-2014-Ad-Campaign-16 Red is the new black | Fall Winter 2014
Credit for all the images go to Dolce and Gabbana

I don’t know why, but there may be just a thing about a lady in the red dress that screams pure sexiness and confidence.  When a woman measures out into your world in her best little red dress, she appears to shout out, “Hello everyone! Watch me! I’m strong and I am attractive and I’m prepared to bring on the world!”

reds Red is the new black | Fall Winter 2014

It seriously requires the correct attitude to wear a red dress confidently. In case you love getting in the crowd and are gifted with super self-confidence, then you already put on a good deal of red.

A red dress definitely makes a bold trend statement. No matter whether if these are red dresses for plus sizing girls or a red cocktail dress with sleeves for a lot more formal occasions, it won’t make any difference what sizing or stature you happen to be. By the way, the most significant thing you must keep in your mind is usually that carrying a red dress can be an attitude. You must be wearing the dress ! And the dress shouldn’t be carrying you.

 rihanna Red is the new black | Fall Winter 2014

Stand tall, come to feel assured, make an entrance and smile. After all, you are the lady in red.

Kisses Irina
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