Reinvented Folding Door | Klemens Torggler

7 March 2014

Reinvented Folding Door | Klemens Torggler

Are you tired of having just another normal door? Are automatic sliding doors too old-school for you? Let us ask you this then, did you ever fold a door? If all the above answers are “yes”, except for the last one, we have the perfect door for you! No, we are not selling it, but we are presenting you the reinvented folding door!

What is that, you wonder? Australian artist Klemens Torggler has literally reinvented the most basic piece of furniture, making a folding prototype.

The folding door is called “Evolution Door” and is made of four triangular panels that open and close very easily. The system has soft edges to prevent accidents, so who would not want this origami-inspired folded door?

Reinvented Folding Door | Klemens Torggler

Klemens Torggler’s reinvented door looks like is driven by its own weight and opens and closes at the lightest touch, folding and sliding across the entrance. The inventor says:

“The special construction makes it possible to move the door sideways without the use of tracks”

Reinvented Folding Door | Klemens Torggler

Even though the reinvented folding door looks like some dangerous scissors, the mechanism does not have enough force to damage anything.

The door might not seem like space efficient, but if you have an empty wall, why not add this lovely invention to make it more fun?

Reinvented Folding Door | Klemens Torggler

The designer has been working for years at remodelling doors and other objects, the reinvented folding door being his latest project.

“This system makes it possible to place the squares one upon the other in the final positions of the door”

Let’s have a look at how the mechanism actually moves!

Klemens Torggler has created more intriguing designs, such as a dividing screen, working on the same principle as the door. Take a look at his official website for more interesting inventions!

What did you think of the reinvented folding door? Would you buy one?

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