Restaurants To Try Out In Milan | Top 10

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Restaurants To Try Out In Milan | Top 10

Don’t know where to dine in Milan? I have the answer for you!

If you are visiting the beautiful Italian city it’s only normal you would want to try some specific dishes like a fresh, tasty pizza or mouth-watering pasta. And today you are in for treat!

We are going to see which are the 10 best restaurants to try out in Milan.

Some of them are low-key and cheaper, and some of them are fancier, and of course, more expensive. But either way, these restaurants are all about fine dining, at any price.

So let’s have a look the the 10 restaurants you need to try out in Milan!

10.Osteria del Corso

Osteria del Corso is our first amazing restaurant in Milan.

The restaurant is located in the Brera district, at Corso Como. Osteria del Corso is run by Mimmo di Vivo and will offer you amazing dishes such as swordfish Carpaccio, tasty spaghetti with lobster, all with delicious cream and tomato sauces, echo fresh herbs and peppers on fresh pasta and gnocchi.

The small restaurant is often visited by celebrities such as football players or TV stars.

Restaurants To Try Out In Milan - 10. Osteria del Corso
Restaurants To Try Out In Milan – 10. Osteria del Corso
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