We asked Aluxers on Facebook to Pick 1 or 2: Here are the Results!

1 February 2016

We asked Aluxers on Facebook to Pick 1 or 2: Here’s what they picked!

Because we were curious to learn more about you, the Aluxers, we took to facebook for a while now and asked you to pick what do you prefer more.

I know at least some of you are familiar with our “Pick 1 or 2” game that we’ve been running almost daily on our facebook page, but what you guys don’t know is that we looked at all the posts and did the math to see what do you guys like more.

Some of the results surprised even us.

So what is this “game” all about? Well, once per day – at least we’re trying to make it a daily thing – we’ll post a picture with two options, and those of you that follow us on facebook comment on them and justify your answers. We’re usually with you guys in the comments and most of the time we’re having a lot of fun!

We’re so grateful to all of you that get involved and we got to know in the last couple of weeks just because of this small game.

If you’re new to this, don’t worry, you can still check this post and see what would you pick and if you match with the majority.

Here are just some of the latest “Pick 1 or 2” results:

Which bathroom?


Mercedes or Range


Venice or Paris?

We really didn’t expect people to like Venice more than they did Paris, maybe it’s because Paris seems too basic.


Rome or Shanghai?

Here you guys went for class & elegance! We were proud of you for your fine taste!


Working Alone or Surrounded by People?

As we were expecting most of you are either entrepreneur or freelancers which is reflected in your choice.


Which holiday house?

This was close!


Which design?

This one also surprised us as we were expecting a more balanced result, but you made it clear the elegant dark theme is liked a lot more than the crisp white.


Which bedroom?


Breakfast view?

It was clear which you preferred!


These are just some of the cards we’ve posted, we have yet to finish up with all of them, but will share them with you once we’re done!

If you want to join you can click here to go and like our facebook page so you never miss these posts or head over to our Image Section and join the conversation there!