10 Habits of Self-Made Millionaires Who Retire Early

Early Retirement Sounds Like a Dream. Find Out How to Start Planning Your Retirement at an Early Age.

Half of all Americans cannot handle an unexpected expense of $400 without borrowing money or selling something according to the Federal Reserve. This means that most Americans dip into their retirement savings early, or their debt keeps building up. Either way, it’s a bad situation.

Today, we’re going to share 10 Habits of Self-Made Millionaires Who Retire Early, so that A: You can handle any unexpected expense at any age and B: You don’t need to borrow or sell anything to make it happen.

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Decide How You Want to Retire

Retiring wealthy or retiring comfortably are two very different outcomes. They both require hard work and sacrifices.

When people think of retiring young, they picture penthouses, private jets and expensive clothes. In reality, most of the time it actually means airbnb’s, rented cars and pyjamas.

Retiring comfortably means being able to live a chill and fun life that was already paid for by you, working in advance.


Track Net Worth Constantly

In order to retire, you need to know how much money you need to support your life until you die. That means tracking your net worth constantly to know if you are on track.

Nerdwallet suggests 5 ways to keep track of your finances:

·         Check your bank statement

·         Categorize expenses

·         Use a budget or expense tracking app

·         Explore other expense trackers

·         Identify room for change

As we said in our video, “How to Calculate your net worth, “Knowing your net worth is like running a full check-up of your finances. Not only will you know exactly what you owe and where you spend your money, you can use this knowledge to plan for the future and grow your net worth itself.”


Spend as Little as They Can

When people plan to retire early, they are committed to spending as little money as possible until retirement. They live in small apartments, they cook their own food, don’t buy anything fancy and most importantly, don’t waste money on cr*p.

That’s why we said it is a sacrifice, because giving up luxuries for payback much later down the line is not the easy option, but it’s definitely worth it.  


Constantly Look To Earn More

You can’t save and invest $1000 each month if you are only making $1000 a month in total.

There is a limit to what you can save and invest but not on how much you can earn.

So be open to new earning opportunities, stay away from pyramid schemes, and invest wisely now. Because what you do today, is what is going to enable you to retire early or not.


Get a Financial Planner On-Board

Retiring early is an incredible goal, and it can be done… but we’re not all financial whiz’s who know exactly what to do with our money or how to make it grow.

Bring in the advice and guidance of a financial planner.

Those who have managed to retire young, and wealthy have not done it alone… they’ve got a team of people in the background. Just like KUWTK had a team of make-up artists, wardrobe curators, cameras and so on when they were still airing, so do those who work well with their money.  


They Have Their Money Working as Hard as They Are

We mention something similar in our video, 10 Ways to Make Money Work for You, where we explained that your money is doing a job and therefore, needs a job description.

For example:

Job 1: You put your cash into a bank account and earn interest on it. Your money makes a small monthly profit.

Job 2: You buy property and rent it out. The rent covers the bond and interest rate. Here, your money is doing 2 jobs: working as an allocation tool – providing housing for someone and paying off a bond. 

Job 3: You buy ads for your product, track down the profit from ads and reinvest the profit for more ads, and keep repeating. Here your money is being used to generate a constant flow of income while increasing your interest with each cycle.


Constant Education on Exponential Wealth

You can retire when you have all the money you need for the rest of your life, or you have systems in place to pay you money for the rest of your life. People who plan to retire early constantly get educated on all the ways they can get there.

In addition, taking care of your mental health is equally important which is why we’ve created Mind Mastery.

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Millionaires who retire early are familiar with how to protect their net worth and make it last as long as possible.

That’s why a lot of people “live” in Monaco where there is 0 income tax but spend most of their time in countries where life is super cheap like Indonesia.

If you want to know what other ways the rich use to get away without paying taxes, check out 15 Ways Rich People Avoid Paying Taxes.


They’ve Taken Two Major Expenses into Account

Most people who retire early fail to make financial provision for the following:

–          Taxes & Healthcare.

Just because you’re retired, doesn’t mean you’re exempt from them. So, those that retire early and manage to stay retired, have made sure they’ve kept these expenses in mind.


Same Spending Habits

After someone retires young, they don’t suddenly start to spend mad cash on everything. They generally keep living the same life, but now they don’t have to work for it anymore.

At this stage, that lifestyle is normal and its now time to enjoy all that effort you put in to get there.


Aluxers, we’d love your input here – what, in your opinion, is a good habit to form to retire early?

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